What Is Kiawentiio Tarbell Ethnicity? Age Height And Wikipedia

Is Kiawentiio Tarbell Filipino? The Last Airbender Actress Background Explored

Is Kiawentiio Tarbell Filipino? The Last Airbender Actress Background Explored

Kiawentiio Tarbell holds a Mohawk ethnicity. Tarbell is a famous young actress of age 14. Get to know her better.

Kiawentiio is well-recognized for her roles in several TV series. Tarbell is a cast on Netflix Avatar The Last Airbender.

What Is Kiawentiio Tarbell Ethnicity?

Kiawentiio Tarbell hails from Mohawk ethnic group. She belongs to the indigenous group of the Indian Amerian tribes.

To point out, Mohawk is a group of people belonging to the Akwesasne community. The people speak Iroquoian.

Not to mention, the young actress is from Akwesasne, Ontario. She was born and bred in her birthplace.

Similarly, the Virgo actress has always been recognized as a proud indigenous person. She has also played a role that illustrated the life of the people in the community.

The artist proudly advertises her Mohawk heritage on her social media profiles. She does not hesitate a small bit to showcase any culture and custom of her origin.

Besides, Tarbell bears a Canadian nationality. She is a member of the native community in Ontario.

Some fans had speculated her to share a Filipino origin like her fellow actor Gordon Cormier. But that is not the case with her.

Kiawentiio Tarbell Age Revealed – How Old Is She?

Kiawentiio Tarbell has attained the maturity of 14 years old. The actress will celebrate her 15th birthday on the 5th of September this year.

The young girl possesses a birth sign of Virgo. But we are unaware if she really believes in star signs.

Tarbell has not introduced her parents to her fans. She has not even shared the name and identity of her father and mother.

Kiawentiio is one of three children of her parents. She has two siblings that include a brother and a sister.

Know Kiawentiio Tarbell Height

Kiawentiio Tarbell has a height of above 5 feet tall. But the exact number is a mystery for now.

Also, her weight details are still to be updated on the internet. She possesses a slim body with an unrivaled glamour.

No doubt, she is a beautiful girl with black eyes and black hair. She can certainly attract anyone with her pleasant smile.

Find Kiawentiio Tarbell On Wikipedia

Kiawentiio Tarbell will be on a Wikipedia page soon. But one can check her bio on various web portals until then.

Tarbell hit the media by storm after her role in Avatar The Last Airbender was announced. She will play the character Katara in the series.

Actually, her debut with the drama Anne with an E was a massive success. In addition, she has made performances as a singer and songwriter too.

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