What Is Pregnancy Test Filter On TikTok? How To Get Pregnancy Test Filter Tiktok Instagram

What Is Pregnancy Test Filter On TikTok? How To Get Pregnancy Test Filter Tiktok Instagram
What Is Pregnancy Test Filter On TikTok? How To Get Pregnancy Test Filter Tiktok Instagram

Pregnancy Test Filter is a new filter used on TikTok to make videos about pregnancy and it is getting quite popular on TikTok. We all know things get popular on TikTok randomly. This is one of those random and goofy things that makes no sense whatsoever but is really a fun challenge.

One thing you have to know is that this filter is not available on TikTok and the filter will have to be downloaded from Instagram.

The idea of this challenge is that there will be a pregnancy test kit that will show if you will be pregnant in the near future or not.

The needle in the pregnancy test kit will wobble a bit going to and fro for some time and then it will finally give you the result. Of course, this doesn’t work but it’s a fun idea for a video. Who thinks whether TikTok video will make sense or not? No one.

So, we are going to talk all about the Pregnancy Filter today. if you want to know more about the filter, ways to download it, and then make a video using the filter, read this until the end.

What Is Pregnancy Test Filter On TikTok?

Pregnancy Test Filter is a filter found on Instagram but has been getting really popular on TikTok as well. The filter is not native to TikTok as some of the other filters and you would think that Tikokers won’t go to such extreme lengths to make a video, but they do. They make a video using filter and the results are pretty amazing.

Some of the videos are pretty boring and you could argue that people aren’t doing anything. But that’s Tiktok. Less work and more views. 


is this a sign?? 🤔 ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##teenmom ##pregnancytest ##earthday ##promlook ##promdiy

♬ Woah – KRYPTO9095

This is the typical example of a video made by using the Pregnancy Test Filter. You can put some funny captions on top of the video but you can choose not to do so as well. After all, nobody cares about a caption that much in this challenge- they’re just fixated on that needle.


I know these things are silly but I am actually praying the baby dust comes through💓💓 ##pregnancytest ##instagramfilter ##babydust ##pregnancy

♬ Make You Mine – PUBLIC

How To Get Pregnancy Test Filter On Instagram?

Now, another interesting part is to film your video using the Pregnancy Test Filter. I am sure some of you might be feeling a bit confused right now but let me assure you that everything will be crystal clear as I explain this to you.

Here are the steps that you need to strictly follow in order to get a Pregnancy Test Filter from Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone and click on the option “Your Story” that is located on the top left corner of your home page of the Instagram
  2. After doing that, you will see a bunch of circles at the bottom of that page showing different filters.
  3. Slide those filters towards left and go to the extreme right of that filter circles.
  4. As you reach the farthest point. You will see a button that has an icon of a magnifying glass. Click on that and you will see a search bar where you can type the words.
  5. Type “Pregnancy filter” on the search bar and see what appears
  6. Out of the filters from @intergalacticpimp or @petarxiv, choose whichever you prefer.
  7. After you choose that filter, film yourself with using that filter.
  8. Now, press the button that is used to download the video. It looks like a downward arrow.
  9. After you have saved the video, upload the video to TikTok. Viola! Job Completed!

This is the account of @petarxiv- the most known account who made this pregnancy filter.

TikTok Pregnancy Test Trend

Lots of videos are made on Pregnancy Trend on TikTok. I am sure these videos will keep on increasing and evolving as time goes. I have enjoyed some of these videos and hope you can do the same.

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