What Is Rellface TikTok Filter? How to Get Rellface on TikTok?

What Is Rellface TikTok Filter? How to Get Rellface on TikTok?

What Is Rellface TikTok Filter? How to Get Rellface on TikTok?

Face swaps are always gonna be funny but Rellface really takes the cake as the funniest recent TikTok trend. As horrifying as it can be at times, the new face swap videos are incredibly hilarious. 

As you know, in these types of videos the expression of the person whose face has been swapped is not swapped, this is what makes this particular trend funny.

Terrell Brown created the trend using his own face and it can be comedy gold when someone uses his face over their own to create videos.

What Is The Rellface Trend?

It is a face swap created by TikToker Terrell Brown. It involves a person using the app to make a video in which their own or someone else’s face is replaced with the face of Terrel.


She needs to hurry and have the baby lol ##rellisremedy ##rellface ##hormones ##relltheremedy ##funny

♬ can’t stop laughing – Unknown

The name is also based on Terrell’s as ‘Rell ‘ is the second half of his first name. The image used by Brown to create the effect is one of his funniest looks.

How To Do The Rellface on TikTok

It is easy to replicate the video, but there is s slight workaround to be done as the idea has not yet become an official TikTok filter.

As the filter is not available on TikTok yet, you have to use Snapchat. First of all, visit Terrell’s TikTok profile (@relltheremedy).

Proceed to take a screenshot of his Rellface picture and open Snapchat. Inside the app, go to the effects panel and select face swap, after doing so there will be an option with Terrel’s face, pick it and start recording. Next, post it with the #rellface.

You can use the rellface in any creative way you can, but the most popular ones seem to be the ones where the user pranks an unsuspecting victim, or swaps the face of a well-known public figure or politician with Brown’s face,


Someone take my phone away right now. ##rellface ##hedidntaskforthis ##mydog ##cutedogsoftiktok

♬ original sound – aangeliquee.p

One of our favorites is wapping the fame of a dog or cat with Terrell’s face. The Tiktoker’s annoyed look makes for a very funny. One of the most hilarious things about the video is that if you choose to prank someone then you don’t have to let them know until the video has been posted.

Especially when someone asks you to record them doing something thinking they are looking cool or when they ask you to take a picture and strike a pose but you swap the face in the picture with Brown’s, it makes for one of the funniest internet pranks in a while.

Who Is Rellface Creator Terrell Brown?

He is a photographer and TIkToker with over 250,000 followers on his TikTok. He goes by “relltheremedy” on TikTok and has over 8 million likes.

The fact that he is a photographer doesn’t come as a surprise as he was able to take the perfect click for Rellface.

His face has since become iconic as a meme. He has even used the filter on his own son.

Social Media Reception

Rellface has gone viral and the hashtag alone has more than 25 million views. TikTok viewers are going nuts over the funny videos.


On my Instagram (in my bio) I’ll post a video on how to add my face. since everyone keeps asking LOL ##rellface ##relltheremedy ##rellisremedy

♬ What They Want – Russ

Most of the videos posted on the hashtag have 10’s of thousands of views. No matter what platform the videos are posted on they seem to gather a lot of views really quicky.

People really seem to love it and rellface has become the new viral sensation for mid-2020. As the end of the year approaches it might be one of the contenders for TikTok trend of the year for 2020. However, it will have some competition as we have seen some great trends on the platform this year.

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