What Is Rihanna Race? Rihanna’s Origin Explained

What Is Rihanna’s Race? Rihanna’s Origin Explained

What Is Rihanna’s Race? Rihanna’s Origin Explained

Rihanna is one of the most acclaimed pop stars in the world and people are really curious about her ethnicity and origin. I hope I am not offending anyone when I am talking about her ethnic background. I know ethnicity can be a sensitive topic to talk about. Rihanna looks like a goddess and her facial bones are flawless. Because so many people want to look like her, people always try to find out what her ethnic background is.

Rihanna is a singer turned producer and now an entrepreneur who has always advocated for the beauty of all kinds. Her makeup brand Fenty also supports that idealogy. Her makeup line is usable with 40 different skin tones and that says how much she cares about harmony between different ethnic groups. I am sure her own background of belonging to mixed ethnicity has been a reason to make a makeup brand that can be used by all kinds of people.

Name Rihanna
Birthday February 20, 1988
Age 32
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Singer
Net Worth $600 million
Married/Single Single
Instagram @badgalriri

10 Facts On Rihanna

  1. Rihanna belongs to mixed ethnicity. Her mother is black while her father is “half black and half white”.
  2. Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty and she was born on February 20, 1988.
  3. She was born in Saint Michael, Barbados, and grew up there. Growing up, she used to be teased for her skin tone.
  4. Her mother’s name is Monica Fenty and she is a beautiful black woman. She came from South America to Barbados.
  5. Her father was a man called Ronald Fenty who was biracial.
  6. Rihanna has had lots of number 1 songs in the market and her concert sales are really huge.
  7. Rihanna has a net worth of $600 million as of 2020.
  8. She has collaborated with big stars like Eminem, Calvin Harris, Drake, and is associated with labels such as RocNation, Def Jam, etc.
  9. She has a successful makeup company named Fenty.
  10. Rihanna has a massive 87 million followers on her Instagram account.

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