What Is Shapeshifting Filter TikTok? How To Do/Use Shapeshifting Effect?

What Is Shapeshifting Filter on TikTok? How To Do/Use Shapeshifting Effect?

What Is Shapeshifting Filter on TikTok? How To Do/Use Shapeshifting Effect?

Shapeshifting Filter is a new filter on TikTok that has been waging a war against boredom these past few days.

Every day on TikTok, there are new trends, be it cause of a certain sound, a certain type of content, or sometimes a certain filter. Shapeshifting is a filter that shifts the face of the user into any selected picture that is selected by the users.

People have been using it to shift their face into celebrity lookalike, prank someone or even shapeshift them into a meme and funny characters. There have been thousands of videos with the filter, ranging from funny to clever ones.

What Is The Shapeshifting Filter On TikTok?

The shapeshifting filter on TikTok is the recent trend. TikTok is one of the platforms for people to share their videos. It provides many filters and animations that users can use to make their content more relatable. There are hundreds of filters on TikTok, but once in a while a certain filter goes trending and everyone starts using it. One such filter is shapeshifting TikTok.The filter is used usually for comedic relief or pranking some friends or family. It has become the meme material for people now.


##shapeshift soooo do y’all agree with the comments? ##fyp

♬ Stranger Things (Main Theme) – I Love TV Themes


Above is one of the examples of the user of TikTok name @estellefly who has used the shape shifting filter to show that she looks similar to a Korean actress.

Shapeshifting Filter On TikTok Explained

In the shapeshifting filter, in TikTok, the user selects the picture of anyone they want to shapeshift into. When they start recording the video with the selected picture. Their face slowly shifts into the person they have selected.

There are a total of 250 million views on videos that have used the “#shapeshift” hashtag. Why has it gone so popular in the midst of all these filters on TikTok?

It hasn’t gone viral for the reason that it’s developed well, but it has gone viral cause of the reason that it can be used to prank friends and family. They can use filters to irritate their friends or family by changing them into someone they don’t like or pick whoever they like. 


I’m gonna marry Big Mo and what? 🤷🏽‍♀️♥️😍 ##fyp ##foryou ##lesbian ##fiance ##lgbt ##shapeshifting ##reaction ##viral ##bigmo

♬ original sound – ashandchelslifestories


Here is one such video that is used by the user named Ash&Chelslifestories to prank her fiance by shapeshifting her into an actress Laila Morse.

Not only they are pranking friends and family, but they are also changing themselves into funny characters for the purpose of the meme. People are changing themselves into funny characters, or mythology characters, which is a clever use of the filter. Below is one such video of a user named henrytado who has changed himself into the character Snape from the Harry Potter movies.


HA-HA ##comquemmepareço

♬ som original – henrytado

How To Get Shapeshifting Filter On TikTok?

To get the shapeshift filter, you can follow these steps after opening the TikTok app:

  1. On the lower row of the screen click the ‘+’ symbol. Clicking on the + symbol takes you to the camera screen.
  2. On the left lower side of the camera screen, there is an effects section with a winking face icon. On clicking the effect icon, it takes the user to the filters section which is sectioned on the basis of trending, interactive, new, and many other categories.
  3. It is a trending filter so it is probably available on the trending section of the filter. When you scroll through the selfie filter you get to the filter which resemblance face and has a green background.
  4. Selecting that filter, it gives the user instruction to select the picture from the camera roll.
  5. When the picture is selected from the camera roll, it gives the user an instruction to wait for three seconds.
  6. When the user starts recording after a span of three seconds the video starts to shift into the selected picture.

Just got an upgrade ##shapeshift ##fy ##fyp ##4u ##4upage ##xyzbca ##viral

♬ The Banjo Beat, Pt. 1 – Ricky Desktop

The best results are obtained when you pose in a similar way as in the picture and if your face somehow is similar to that of a celebrity.

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