What Is Sidepiece Challenge On TikTok? How To Do Sidepiece TikTok Challenge?

What Is Sidepiece Challenge On TikTok? How To Do Sidepiece TikTok Challenge?

What Is Sidepiece Challenge On TikTok? How To Do Sidepiece TikTok Challenge?

Sidepiece Challenge on TikTok is getting really popular and it’s popularity reveals how many people are cheating on their partners.

Exposing cheating partners has been around for a long time but the internet seems to enjoy exposing cheaters a lot. This may be why this Sidepiece Challenge On TikTok has become so viral all over social media. 

As you may have already guessed, the main part of the challenge is exposing a cheater. Unlike other fun challenges on TikTok, this one tends to get messy as the premise is also a bit nasty. 

The term itself, Sidepiece refers to someone who is the mistress of a man, whose priority is just one level below the wife or in some cases, the partner of a gay man other than their ‘main’ boyfriend who they are cheating with. 

What Is Sidepiece Challenge On TikTok?

Basically, it is a challenge that involves exposing a partner who is cheating. The sidepiece is the one who makes the video because they are exposing their partner who has made them a sidepiece. 


##greenscreen haha 🤣 ##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – kr0yalty

They usually make the video by using a song created ‘kr0yalty‘. The creator will first show off the pictures of their partner either single photos or pics of the video creator and them together.

Then when the lyrics say “bt I don’t give a fu*k about ur girlfriend- actually how about u tell her?”, the pictures change and they show evidence of their boyfriend cheating on them. 

Usually, the video will show multiple photos and videos of their partner cheating. 

The trend is based on an audio track that went viral in August 2020 called ‘Let’s Link’ by WhoHeem, this track had the lyrics, “I like u but I don’t give a fu*k about ur boyfriend.” 


Hahahaha what a perfect sound @nataliemariduena @toddysmith

♬ Lets Link – WhoHeem

It was primarily used by people who wanted to express their love for someone, especially a girl, who was already in another relationship.

The creator would make a series of pictures of the person they want to express their love for and as the lyrics went to the part on not caring about their boyfriend, the pictures would change from singles to the shots of the person with their boyfriend. 

How To Do Sidepiece TikTok Challenge?

The sidepiece challenge is pretty simple but make sure you are ready because this challenge can get some nasty results. Follow these steps to do the challenge.  

  1. Open TikTok and go to the “+” sign on the bottom center of the screen. Click on it and open the camera, there you will see a templates tab. 
  2. Use the green screen effect to make doing this video easier.
  3. Alternatively, select a template by clicking the button and navigating to the one you prefer. There are numerous slideshow templates, select the one you find appropriate. 
  4. After this, select the photos of you and your partner or just their single pics first. 
  5. Then complete the sequence by selecting the evidence of cheating. Make sure to time it with the audio when the lyrics say ‘but’.
  6. Add the kr0yalty sound and upload it.

Sidepiece Challenge’s TikTok Popularity

The challenge has an immense following on TikTok and other social media. There have been more than 7000 videos uploaded to the original sound in less than a week’s time.  


##greenscreen ##greenscreenvideo 🤫 ##trending ##fyp ##xyzbca ##foryoupage ##petty ##messytiktok ##drama ##dramatiktok

♬ original sound – kr0yalty

Some people support the creators for the trend whereas others are critical of the challenge as they believe even if their partner has cheated on them they should not be exposed on social media for the whole public to see. Further, they have also said that it is a personal matter and should be sorted out between the people involved. 

In fact, an online petition has been started to stop people from doing the challenge. 



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