What Is Strawberry Dress TikTok Trend? Where to Buy or Get The Strawberry Dress

What Is Strawberry Dress TikTok Trend? Where to Buy or Get The Strawberry Dress

What Is Strawberry Dress TikTok Trend? Where to Buy or Get The Strawberry Dress

Strawberry Dress TikTok is a new trend that involves people making DIY dresses inspired by the beautiful designer dress worn by the model Tess Holliday, and honestly, this trend is downright hilarious. 

While scrolling through your TikTok, you might have come across several videos that mention strawberry dress or you might have seen a DIY video of people making a dress embroidered with sparkling strawberries on a soft tulle material clothing. Even if you have not seen it yet, trust me, you will see at least one of such videos if you scroll through your TikTok FYP or Twitter now.

Here is everything you need to know about this viral TikTok trend where people are getting so obsessed with the designer Strawberry dress that almost everyone is talking about it all over the social media. 

What is Strawberry Dress? 

It all started with a gorgeous soft pink midi dress covered with glittery strawberry embroideries worn by model Tess Holliday on Grammy Awards 2020. This dress was made by the New York-based Kosovo designer named Lirika Matoshi.


Just reminding y’all 😇🍓 ##strawberrydress ##grammys2020

♬ How You Like That – BLACKPINK

This midi dress silhouette is a perfect head-turner with intricate tie-up detailing and cute puffy sleeves. This fabulous dress is made with quality material which is 100% polyamide Tulle, PVC glitter, and environmental protection glue.

Strawberry Dress on TikTok

Like all designer clothes, this Strawberry dress is also really expensive and costs around $490, so many people can’t afford it. But still, they are so obsessed with the cute design of this dress that some are buying its Dupe product online, while some are trying their best to recreate this dress themselves at home (DIY).


I know I love everything I make but this strawberry dress is truly 🥺 ##SummerDIY ##strawberrydress ##diysewing ##sewing ##sewingskills ##cottagecore

♬ Intentions (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Justin Bieber & Quavo] – Elliot Van Coup

Where to buy the Original Strawberry Dress?

The original Strawberry Dress made by the designer can be bought through the Lirika Matoshi’s website. The dress costs $490 dollars and can be available for all sizes ranging from extra small to Double Extra Large. So the dress can be bought for women of all body types.

Where to buy the Dupes of the Strawberry Dress?

There are lots of online shopping websites from where you can buy the dupes of the strawberry dress. Sites like Amazon, Wish, Boohoo, etc. have this dress which can be bought at a price range from $20 to $60. You can click here to get a dupe dress.

Obviously, the dress won’t be as gorgeous as the original level, but sadly, with the compromise in price comes a compromise in elegance.

Some of the TikTok creators have made a reaction video after buying the Dupe version of this dress and their face after they get disappointed at how different the dress is from the one they had expected, is something really hilarious to watch.


##duet with @mailleur_maker oh no. ##strawberrydress ##helpmeplease

♬ original sound – mailleur_maker


Well, the dupes are also not that bad considering its price but still when you compare it to the original one made by a skilled designer itself and worn by a gorgeous model in the award function, then you might not be that happy with the dress.

It is probably the first time a designer dress has gained this much hype and popularity through social media. Seems like TikTok has changed the meaning of social networking and it never fails to amuse us.

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