What Is The Beauty Filter on TikTok? G6 Glow Up Effect Explained

What Is The Beauty Filter on TikTok? G6 Glow Up Effect Explained

What Is The Beauty Filter on TikTok? G6 Glow Up Effect Explained

What Is The Beauty Filter on TikTok? As the name suggests, the filter is an effect that makes the user appear more “beautiful” and while beauty may be subjective, the G6 filter makes the user’s face appear brighter and clearer. Unfortunately, there is no way to customize what part the mode enhances however, most creators will find the effect satisfying. 

Many people like the digital touch-up that the app provides and use it on a regular basis while making TikToks and other types of videos. The app does provide a huge array of effects and filters for you to use but the beauty mode is one of the most popular. In fact, it became even more popular as people locked in their homes in quarantine and took the filter as a way to alleviate their boredom. 

What Is The Beauty Filter on TikTok? 

The sheer number of digital effects that TikTok provides may be overshadowed by the popularity of a few select filters that are the most popular. This includes the beauty filter or the beauty mode inside the app. 


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TikTok’s beauty filter has an adjustable slider that lets the user modify the intensity of the filter, the lowest setting might change the appearance of your screen while the maxing it out will change the whole jaw structure in the video. 


I’m ill but I can’t leave you without a video ❤️

♬ Maxing out the beauty filter – rexchuoctomush

It is one of the most commonly used modes people have also created a filter based on the beauty mode that is commonly known as the G6 filter or the G6 Glow Up Effect.

This filter uses the app’s ability to recognize faces and “enhances” it. The most noticeable part of the digital transformation is the way in which the app brightens your face. In most cases, the filter is coupled with other effects too like the focus filter and the bling filter which makes the eyes literally sparkle inside the digitally enhanced video. 

G6 Glow Up Effect Explained

As more trends, effects, and filters are added to the app each day, effects like the G6 beauty filter stand out because of their popularity and simplicity. Keeping true to its name, the filter makes the user’s face glow up. 


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Similarly, it has also been praised by many as one of the must-use filters on TikTok. As a matter of fact, the top tier of beauty influencers on the platform were all using the filter in early quarantine.

Another reason for its immense popularity is the challenge that followed with it called the G6 Filter Challenge. Users from all over the world participated in the 

The effect also promises to make the user look 10 times better in front of the camera, but you can be the judge of that after you use the effect yourself by the steps we have described below. 

How To Do The G6 Glow Up Effect Challenge?

To stay true to the tradition of this challenge you will have to get rid of any make-up and appear in front of the camera in your natural state, if this is too easy for you, up the game by making yourself what people would consider “traditionally unattractive”.  Then follow these steps to use the filter. 

  1. Open the camera within TikTok and navigate to the right-hand side of the screen. 
  2. There you will see various buttons, tap on the ‘filters’ section and search for the G6 filter, and apply it. Similarly, find the focus and bling filters from the same section and add it to your video to give it the full authentic challenge vibe. 
  3. Next, caption it with the hashtag “#g6” or “#g6challenge“.

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