What is the Honey House From TikTok? Honey House Members Bio, Ages and More

What is the Honey House From TikTok? Honey House Members Bio, Ages and More

What is the Honey House From TikTok? Honey House Members Bio, Ages and More

Honey House is one of the collaborative Tiktok houses which has been viral recently.

It all started with Hype House which housed a bunch of Tiktok video creators together in a single mansion and they could all make videos together under the common roof with more efficiency. After that, there have been lots of houses, and the Honey house is one of them.

They said that the idea came when all of the members were quarantining and were very bored. So, they just got together and stayed in a single house pumping out Tiktok videos as well as doing what they normally do.

What Is Honey House From TikTok?

Honey House is a collaborative House of TikTok. They started this account just a few months ago but quickly made a lot of followers on their account. They have already gathered 10 million likes and 379 thousand followers on their account.

We have already seen Hype House, Sway House, Raw Talent. This Honey House is also such collaborative house where lots of people share resources and collaborate in video creation and social media influencing.

The bio on their Tiktok account says “The Scariest House in the world”. However, looking at the videos they have posted, it looks very fun rather than scary.


Adults wishing they were kids part 3

♬ original sound – crystalpace5

This is one of the videos they posted and looking at this- would you say it’s the scariest house in the world? I myself would think its just fun and is nothing scary. 

There are fitness instructors, influencers, entrepreneurs, meditation coaches, and actors living in this house. They live in California but further details about their locations aren’t available on the internet.

Honey House Members

Well, there are 9 members in the Honey House. We don’t have a lot of information about these members. However, I have tried to research them and then I came across a TikTok video where many members are revealed.


Reply to @heyhey08211992 this is what it looks like from morning till 5pm in our *Adult* Tiktok House


As you might have seen in the above video, everyone is working on different things and they are being productive while having fun. This video is staged, sure, but it looks great. 

The members of Honey House are:

  1. Sam- The popular YouTuber who posts several workout videos.
  2. Nick- The guy who works for an agency and brands.
  3. Bea- The meditation teacher.
  4. Erin- Ecommerce wizard and hangs on her laptop all day.
  5. Jared- The actor and fitness trainer who reads lines whenever possible.
  6. Evan and Dina- These are both fitness trainers as well as models. Well, good for them.
  7. JT- He does everything. He’s a man without borders.

House Vote: “Who should do the dishes”

♬ original sound – honeyhouse

Honey house Members Bio And Age

There are no details about the age of any of these 9 people. None of these guys have Wikipedia and have no information about them elsewhere. They are all crammed under this common house called Honey House.

Their individual TikTok accounts are also yet to be revealed.

However, they all look under 30. So, I am going to say there are members ranging from guys in early 20s to late 20s in the Honey House aka Adult House.

They have named themselves as AdultHouse as many other collab houses are filled with teenagers. We also don’t know how much their net worth is right now. They are just beginning to make videos and their identity is relatively unknown compared to members of other TikTok Collab houses.

Adult House TikTok

Adult House is a nickname for Honey House. These guys have very cleverly marketed themselves as “Adult House” of TikTok. They want to stay as far as they can from the kids who are throwing ice creams on each other and doing goofy things.

I am sure they get goofy too but the way they present themselves, there’s a seriousness to it. They are all adults and they have the stuff to do and while they do those works, they put little bits and pieces on their TikTok.

Branding is very important when it comes to TikTok houses because there are lots of them and it is very important to stand out. They have branded themselves as adult TikTok house. When I say “adult” house, I don’t mean that they share explicit content on their TikTok. It’s the literal meaning of adults living under a single roof

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