What is the Kabedon Challenge On TikTok? Meme Meaning and Definition

What is the Kabedon Challenge On TikTok? Meme Meaning and Definition

What is the Kabedon Challenge On TikTok? Meme Meaning and Definition

And yet again another challenge goes viral on Tiktok called “The Kabedon Challenge.” This one will really blow your mind.

Tiktok is the home of immense trends and challenges that went on over the years. As the saying, “Something is always trending on Tiktok” gets evem more justified everyday. 

A lots of trends and challenges have come and gone on Tiktok. One surpasses another at a time and another one does the same. The loop seems to be recurring pretty soon this time around. 

Another day, another trend on Tiktok. But this time it’s a bit different. How many times have we told that this time the trend is different? And everytime it is different. That is the dedication of tiktok creators. 

The challenge that is trending on Tiktok is canned Kabedon Challenge. The challenge officially came from Japanese Manga and series. And if you are a fan of Japanese Manga or Anime, you may have already seen it done there. 

If you wanna do Kabedon Challenge by yourself, you better have a partner. Or if you just want to have fun watching others do it, you are welcome either way.

What is Kabedon Challenge on Tiktok?

Kabedon is a way of seducing a woman derivated from Japanese manga, movies and animes. It is also called Japanese mating ritual.


##kabedonchallenge ##kabedon

♬ summertime – cinnamons

The whole process is pretty seducing and a dominant way ,to flirt with someone. It involves a man pushing a woman against the wall by using his hands. The word “kabe” means “wall” in Japanese.

Likewise, “don” means a thud noise something makes when it comes in contact with another, especially with the wall. There are many memes based on the challenge as well.

Hence on tiktok as well, it is done in similar fashion. The man pushes his partner or wife against the wall, grabs her hands and tries to make romantic moves. The challenge is performed by a lot of people on Tiktok. 

This Kabedon trend was popular in the Eastern Asia, specifically Japan. Along the years, it was copied as Japanese manga and movies started gaining popularity all around the world. 

And it didn’t took long for this trend to land on social media as well. And of course, it is not a surprise that Tiktok made this trend viral. 


Kabedon challenge with my friend @theoneshu @bsoohoo ##kabedonchallenge ##kabedon ##japanese ##prank

♬ original sound – readchoi

How popular is Kabedon Challenge on Tiktok?

The challenge is up and running on the video networking site. It became so popular within a week which is performed by many popular titktok creators overnight. Honestly, The Kabedon challenge is setting Tiktok on fire at the moment. 

As of our recent speculation, the hashtag #KabedonChallenge has been viewed more than 20 Million views within a week. Likewise, it has amassed millions of likes and comments with thousands of shares. It really is booming. 

What is the reaction of fans on Tiktok?

It should be said; pretty hilarious. Even though the Kabedon is supposed to be flirtatious and roamntic, the tiktok creators are making it more funny and hilarious. There have been several fails as well. And some of the creators didn’t even complete the challenge. 

It really is a huge compliment to push someone against the wall in a romantic way as a dominant and not to laugh during the process. Nevertheless, the reactions of tiktok users are priceless. 


we tried to do the full kabedon challenge @theoneshu ##kabedonchallenge ##kabedon ##japanese

♬ original sound – readchoi

Most of them couldn’t control their laughter while trying the challenge. Some of them have even critisized for not doing the challenge the way it’s meant to be done. The trend was supposed to be romantic and seductive, not hilarious. 

However, it is done all for fun on tiktok and it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter when it puts smile on our faces. And tiktok has succeeded to do that for the last five years with its new challenges and trends. 





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