What Is The Phone In Your Back Pocket Challenge TikTok? How To Do?

What Is The Phone In Your Back Pocket Challenge TikTok? How To Do?

What Is The Phone In Your Back Pocket Challenge TikTok? How To Do?

The Phone In Your Back Pocket Challenge on TikTok lets you know how it feels if you had eyes on the backside as well.

Let’s be honest we all had this imaginative fantasy where we wanted to have eyes on the back of our head to be aware of everything happening behind us also. But nature has not provided us with this feature so technology is what we can rely on.

We know many benefits of our phone’s camera and record memories or snaps that can act as evidence, but this new challenge that is going viral on TikTok took our phone’s use to the next level.

This phone in your back pocket challenge on TikTok will let you have an eye on your back, to be more precise, your bum. Here is everything you need to know about this challenge.

What Is The Phone In Your Back Pocket Challenge TikTok?

If you are not already tipped off by its name, the phone in your back pocket challenge is pretty much self-explanatory. This challenge basically involves you putting your phone on your back pocket in such a way that your phone’s camera lens is sticking out.

But there is more to that. The challenge is for you to keep your camera on and put it on your back pocket and walk around just like any other day. While you are not seeing what is going on behind you, the camera will effectively capture the footage happening behind you.

Actually, the goal of this challenge is to catch people when they look at your bum. Well obviously, they might have also glanced at your phone and not your bum but let’s face it, we know what most of them are looking at. I mean isn’t it human nature to take a look at the bum of other people, even if it is just accidental?

Anyways, now you will know who looks at your bum while you walk away. Some might even get flattered while some might find this behavior offensive, but at the end of the day, it is a pretty fun challenge.


Count how many times you see our stalker. ##greenscreen ##backpocketchallenge ##funny ##foryou

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How to do this Challenge?

You already know what the challenge is, so why not try this out for your new TikTok video? All you have to do is keep your phone on your back pocket with your camera on and just walk to the stores or on the road. There are several twists to this challenge to make videos more comical. 

Some people put the phone on their back pocket to check who sees their butt, but then there is nowhere for them to go so nobody sees it. Similarly, some even capture their dog’s footage as they are with their dog all day. Some even test how good they can twerk their booty by posting very shaky video footage.

Oh, and what’s funnier is that some people start by putting the phone on their back pocket but instead of real footage, they photoshop the pictures of famous celebrities and make it look like they were noticing their bum.


i still can‘t believe it ##backpocketchallenge ##noahschnapp ##jaedenmartell ##wyattoleff ##jackdylangrazer ##finnwolfhard ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fyp

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Why some people criticize this Phone In Your Back Pocket Challenge?

This challenge is supposed to be funny and people should not take this seriously. But some people really don’t like this challenge because they feel that just taking a look at your booty does not make you a criminal so their pictures taken unknowingly should not be posted on TikTok.

They say that it is a breach of their privacy when TikTokers take their pictures without consent and upload it on social media. People might feel embarrassed to find themselves on someone else’s TikTok by getting caught when looking at their bum.

Technically speaking, they are right, because it is not a crime to just look at your bum but it can be inappropriate if you post the footage of them without their consent. However, since it is just a fun challenge we hope people will not take it seriously and take it as a joke. Some people really did find each other on TikTok but they didn’t mind.

One girl uploaded a video of her doing this challenge and caught a guy glancing at her bum and she said he was cute. That guy found that video and said that he already has a girlfriend but wants to be friends.


We found each other haha @arlenely2 @vivianh.huynh ##greenscreen ##phoneinbackpocketchallenge

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