What is the Pink Whale Challenge? TikTok Blue Whale Challenge By Jonathan Galindo

TikTok: What is the Pink Whale Challenge? Is it Similar to Blue Whale Challenge By Jonathan Galindo

TikTok: What is the Pink Whale Challenge? Is it Similar to Blue Whale Challenge By Jonathan Galindo

The Pink Whale Challenge is a trend and a movement on social media that was created to counter the self-harm inducing Blue Whale Challenge that has been around since 2013

This challenge has been revived in 2020 following the rise in public mental health concerns in 2020. Similarly, the Blue Whale Challenge is resurfacing in mid-2020

Creators on TikTok have used the Pink Whale Challenge to spread self-love and kindness to counter the self-harm and suicide challenge given by the Blue one. Read More: 

What Is The Pink Whale Challenge on TikTok? 

After a string of suicides due to the online game, The Blue Whale Challenge, the Pink Whale Challenge was created to oppose the effects of its sinister counterpart. 


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The Pink Whale Challenge gives tasks to people to spread love and kindness to themselves and others. Some outlets have called this a ‘digital mental well-being project’. 

Creators on TikTok have been using the challenge for a while now but it is trending as of July 2020. The #pinkwhale has been flooded with new videos of creators urging themselves and others to do tasks that help with mental health. 

The Pink Whale Challenge aka Baleia Rosa Has A Sinister Twin 

Baleia Rosa was a consequence of an evil game, the Blue Whale Challenge,  that forced its players to commit suicide, many people including teenagers lost their lives to the game. 

The online game has been around since 2013 and has experienced resurgence many times over the years. 

The game gives its users tasks that grow progressively harder, then during the end of the 50-day period, it gives self-harm tasks. The last task is suicide. 

News media first covered the link between the online game and suicides back in 2016. While many suicides have been allegedly linked to the online challenge, none have been confirmed. 

After the suicide of the Russian teenager, Rina, who posted a selfie online before taking her life on 23 November 2015, another child committed suicide in a similar fashion, this time on Christmas Day 2015.

Online communities alleged that the Blue Whale Challenge was to bale, slowly the game spread to China, USA, India, Ukraine, etc. 

Forbes called the challenge a new level of cyberbullying. Various investigations were launched into the growing number of suicides but no conclusive evidence was found about the cause. 

The Pink Whale Challenge Is The Polar Opposite Of The Blue Whale Challenge

Due to the self-harm and suicidal subject matter of the games, the Pink Whale Challenge was created which has been used to encourage people rather than make them suicidal. 


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This challenge gives user tasks like ‘tell yourself you are beautiful’ over the course of the 50 days. 

Baleia Rosa was first created in Brazil and has since become a symbol of the fight against cyberbullying. 

It was created in April 2017 with the goal to avert the harm caused by its evil predecessor. 

The official website of the Pink Whale Challenge said 

“The goal is to prove that the internet can also be used to spread love, that’s why the Pink Whale was born,”. 

Some experts believe that the challenge was named blue whale due to the tendency of some whales to commit suicide by beaching themselves. 

A Resurgence Of The Online Cyber Bullying game In 2020

According to an article by HITC in July, the suicide challenge is resurfacing and has gathered some momentum on social media in 2020. 

Posts with #bluewhalechallenge have resurfaced on Instagram and other platforms during the year, this has caused the concern for users as well as admins to rise. 

Lockdown restrictions, the pandemic, the financial fall, and many other reasons have caused the mental health of people to deteriorate in 2020. 

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