What is The Umbrella Challenge on TikTok? How To Do This Challenge?

What is The Umbrella Challenge on TikTok? How To Do This Challenge?

What is The Umbrella Challenge on TikTok? How To Do This Challenge?

You may be wondering What is The Umbrella Challenge on TikTok? The Challenge is a Netflix-TikTok collaboration that has gone viral in 2020. Netflix and TikTok are both trendsetters along with being trend creators, what happens when they join forces, they create an international trend.

Netflix’s series The Umbrella Academy came out on July 31, 2020, and has sent fans raving. Many of them, who use TikTok have already posted their version of the Umbrella challenge. 

What Is Single Umbrella Challenge on TikTok?

Netflix recently released the second season of the show The Umbrella Academy. To commemorate the new season, TikTok has made a new challenge similar to the Wipe It Down Challenge. 


umbrella challenge ☂️ tag @netflix in the comments!! ##UmbrellaChallenge ##fashionedit ##tiktokfashion ##asian ##foryou ##UmbrellaChallenge

♬ Here Comes the End (feat. Judith Hill) – Gerard Way

As the name suggests the challenge features an Umbrella. Like the wipe it down a challenge, this challenge uses the umbrella to cut away and transition between the change of appearances. 

How To Do The The Umbrella Challenge?

To do the challenge, take an umbrella and have an outfit ready. You will probably want to have an outfit that makes you like a superhero that fights crime. 


Mermaid does the ##UmbrellaChallenge ##umbrellaacademy @netflix ##underwatertiktok ##underwater

♬ Here Comes the End (feat. Judith Hill) – Gerard Way

Next start recording and come into the view of the camera, then open the umbrella so that you are not seen by the camera, now use the TikTok app’s cut and edit magic to stop the recording and change into the outfit you want. 

Then, return to the position from earlier and stay with the umbrella open and locking yourself from the camera. Finally, close the umbrella and reveal your outfit to your followers. 

As the name suggests, the challenge is sponsored by Netflix as a promotion of their hit superhero show The Umbrella Academy. The first season came out on February 15, 2019, and was an instant hit among fans. 

The fans were waiting for the next season since the end of the first one. It finally came out on July 31, 2020. In a new wave of marketing the show, is using TikTok as a promotion for the show.

Using social media as a way to market a new show is not the newest way to promote a show. 

Another show to use TikTok’s challenge to market a new show was, HBO Max’s TV show Legendary. The creators of the show also made the ‘legendary dance’ challenge in order to market the show.   

The Umbrella Challenge On Netflix Explained

Netflix’s show follows a group of superheroes that are born with various abilities. here are seven of these special children born on the same day and they are all adopted by billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. 

These heroes are collectively called “The Umbrella Academy”. This is why the promotion for the show done on TikTok is called The Umbrella challenge and people often change into clothes that make them look like crimefighting superheroes.

The challenge created by Netflix has urged the creators to show off their style in the caption of the hashtag. Similarly, the picture of the taag also features the logo for the second season of the Umbrella Academy. 

Be sure to check out the trend and the second season of the show. 

Is It Viral On Social Media?

The challenge is a sensation on social media, the hashtag of the trend has gotten more than 827.6 million views as of August 2020. The staggering numbers are evidence of the popularity of the challenge and the show. 



♬ Here Comes the End (feat. Judith Hill) – Gerard Way

Almost every video has gathered more than 1000 likes, due to the timing matching with the release of the second season of Netflix’s show, millions of views are pouring in each day for the trend. 

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