What Is The Venmo Challenge On TikTok? How To Do Viral Venmo Challenge?

What Is The Venmo Challenge On TikTok? How To Do Viral Venmo Challenge?

What Is The Venmo Challenge On TikTok? How To Do Viral Venmo Challenge?

The Venmo Challenge is by far one of the best challenges on TikTok that will leave anyone with a warm-hearted feeling, so what is the Venmo Challenge on TikTok?

Not many people have been able to wrap their heads around this new emerging trend on TikTok. Of course, you may not be someone who is on their phone constantly or maybe, you have only come across this trend recently. 

However, since you have found your way to this article you can rest assured to know everything there is to know about the new Venmo challenge. The very concept of this challenge is pretty simple. And, it will take you only take you a few minutes to finally get the whole idea of this challenge.

What Is The Venmo Challenge On TikTok?

 In this viral challenge on TikTok called The Venmo challenge, the TikTokers raise a certain amount of money by pooling in whatever little they can offer.

Then, they reach out to people who are in grave need of money and give them the collected amount. Isn’t that just an awesome idea to help people? We sure think so. After all, in these trying times, we could all use a little bit of kindness.


This year has been challenging and we have all had a fair share of troubles. But, there are always people who are in more dire need. And, lending a helping hand is always a good idea, especially when you can. So, the Venmo Challenge needs to be as trending as it is right now.

How To Do Viral Venmo Challenge?

If you like the cause that the viral Venmo challenge stands for then, you can be a part of it. Here’s a little backstory of this viral trend, the Venmo Challenge gets its name from a digital wallet of the same name founded in the year 2009.

So, in order to do the Venmo Challenge, The first thing is raising some money. You can do so by pooling in some money from your friends, colleagues or, even your followers on social media. They can donate the money to a certain Venmo account.


Once the target of the amount gets fulfilled, you can give to people who need it the most. Many TikTokers have been handing out these amounts to food servers since they hardly get paid enough. And, this challenge has thankfully got trending and has ended up highlighting the importance of the act of kindness.

The Venmo Challenge On TikTok, Did Lexy Lately Created It? 

The creator of the Venmo challenge really deserves a round of applause. If you don’t know who is to be given credit to the rise of this trend then, it is none other than Lexy Kadey aka Lexy Lately.


She is the one who came up with this brilliant idea and executed it in the best way she could. The first time ever she did this Venmo challenge was in May. She had asked her followers to chip in 50 cents to her Venmo account.

Her followers came together and helped her raise $1200 dollars within 24 hours. Well, this proves that there is strength in unity which is not to be undermined. Coming back to Lexy, she gave $1007 dollars to their server after their birthday dinner.


However, that is not it. Lexy also helped to raise more money so that she could provide tips to more food servers. Many people loved her work and even got involved in the Venmo challenge. So, kudos to her for making a challenge like this and pulling it off with her transparency and honest heart.

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