What Is This All About?

Dirty Text Challenge TikTok Trend Explained: What Is This All About?
Dirty Text Challenge TikTok Trend Explained: What Is This All About?

Another trend just started going viral on Tiktok. It is called “Dirty Text Challenge” and it’s definitely the most humorous thing in the internet at the moment.

If you’re having a bad day, you just simply need to go to App Store and download “Tiktok.” It is almost like the mood refreshment in a virtual world. The video networking site is full of enthusaistic contents that are unmatched by any other application. 

Even though recent ban is incur on tiktok in India, the trends and popularity the social networking persists has not contrasted any lesser. And the latest trend to go viral on Tiktok is a Dirty Text Challenge. 

In order to peform this challenge, you will need a partner. A romantic partner actually. If you belong to the group who doesn’t have a realtionship partner, you simply can’t do it.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot have fun though. You can always check out these videos. Alert! They are extremely hilarious. You are in need of some mood elevators content? Then, you’re in for a treat?

What is Dirty Text Challenge on Tiktok?

Among all the trends that have gone viral on Tiktok, most of them are funny and hilarious. This one’s no different. It is going to leave you lying on the floor and laughing your belly off. 

“Dirty Text Challenge” is the trend of sending dirty and explicit texts to your partner, Especially when he/she is in public. And their reactions are recorded an uploaded back on tiktok. Their reactions are beyond normal. 


Send a dirty text to your boyfriend around a bunch of people😂😂😂😂 ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##like ##follow ##trendingsong ##tiktok ##sendthistosomeone

♬ I Like Him – Princess Nokia

As seen on tiktok, the challenge is often performed by the female community. They do it to their boyfriend or husband. They send dirty texts when they are with a group of people and capture their expressions. Believe me, the expressions are epic. 

How is people expression on those videos?

Absoulutely comical. As the challenge is mostly performed in public, many people have tried to contain the emotions within themselves. But they have deliberately failed to do so.


He my man… he my boo ##husbandcheck ##dirtytextchallenge ##wifey ##reaction ##fyp @the_real_camshadyy

♬ I Like Him – Princess Nokia

As a result, they make that typical pecuilar face which is full of excitement, nervousness and amusement. Their reactions are spot on and one can watch them all day without even getting bored.

Have you tried this Dirty Text Challenge to your partner? If you haven’t you are missing half of fun for today. Just try and do it. You can thank me later.

Here’s what’s actually going to happen when you do that. The person will smile, a cunning one as soon he recieves the text. Then, he will turn a bit nervous and will keep starring at you. 

How can I create the reaction video by myself?

Well, you have to post the reaction video once you do the challenge with your partner. Now there is certain criteria to follow to keep up with this trend. However, your own modifications can always be additional asset.

You probably are a tiktok celebrity yourself. Hence, you need not to be taught how to upload a video on tiktok. But the trend uses a certain song in background. Hence, you should make sure to keep that song and count yourself as a part of the trend. 

The song is originally created by a creator named Princess Nokia. The song’s title is “I like you.” Once you go to add music section and search “I Like You”, you will be ready to go. 


send him a dirty text in front of a bunch of people 😏 ##sendthistosomeone ##dirtytext ##boyfriendchallenge ##fyp why’d he get so mad though😂

♬ I Like Him – Princess Nokia

We are basically living in the world of trends. And trends like these help us to laugh and cheer. During these hard and dark times, the trends like these seem mandatory in order to keep our mental health stable.



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