What Is This Challenge Actually?

Twitter: Slim Santana Buss It Challenge Explained: What Is This Challenge Actually?

Twitter: Slim Santana Buss It Challenge Explained: What Is This Challenge Actually?

Slim Santana has gone viral after she accepted the Buss It Challenge from TikTok. However, the video was actually uploaded on Twitter rather than on TikTok as she would be banned if she had uploaded sexual content on TikTok. 

Slim Santana is a well-known internet personality who has been popular for uploading sexual content on her social media accounts. In this article, we will be discussing the new challenge and how she became so popular as she earned 2.7 million views on the Twitter video in just three days. 

What is Slim Santana’s Buss It Challenge? Explained:

Buss It Challenge has been very popular on TikTok but when Slim Santana uploaded her challenge video on Twitter, it went viral. What she did will shock a lot of you but this is a normal video for the internet personality as she has been uploading such content for a long time now.

Well, the video is totally sensitive and some might find it offensive which is the main reason why Twitter has cautioned people before viewing the video. When the beat changes, Slim Santana is found having intercourse with an unknown guy and this is why we have been hearing a lot that the challenge has gone too far.

What Is This Challenge Actually? Origin Explained:

Talking about the challenge, it all originated after Erika Bunks‘s song Buss It went viral on TikTok. A random TikTok user started the origin and now, many TikTok users have been trying this new challenge where you change your attire with the beat changes.

To learn more about this challenge, you can read another article that totally discusses this challenge. Coming back to Santana, she actually didn’t change her attire but instead went naked and was found having sexual intercourse with a guy whose face is not visible. 

Who is Slim Santana? Is she a TikTok Star?

Well, you will not find Slim Santana’s TikTok account, so, it’s not proper to call her a TikTok star. However, she can be called a social media personality who is active on other social media like Twitter, Instagram, and OnlyFans.

She has already gained a total of 78.2 thousand followers on Twitter, 5.5 thousand followers on Instagram, and 1.2 thousand fans on OnlyFans. Her followers on Twitter are increasing rapidly and the numbers above might change when you check it yourself. 

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