What is This New Challenge All About?

Twist Her Mind Challenge on TikTok Explained: What is This New Challenge All About?
Twist Her Mind Challenge on TikTok Explained: What is This New Challenge All About?

Good News TikTokers! A brand new challenge “Twist Her Mind Challenge” is going on TikTok nowadays. People are liking it very much even though it’s a bit strange than other challenges.

Actually, people nowadays love to watch strange challenges rather than watching simple videos. But unlike other challenges, this challenge cannot be done randomly to anyone. There is a certain condition required in order to do this challenge. And you will definitely know about it by going through this article.

This lockdown has made TikTokers to be more creative to come up with different ideas to entertain their fans and viewers. And this time TikTok users have come up with this challenge “Twist Her Mind Challenge”.

Twist Her Mind Challenge on TikTok Explained

Like the name of this challenge itself “Twist Her Mind Challenge”, it’s all about playing with someone’s mind. Don’t worry, playing their mind with this challenge will not make them mentally unstable.

It’s just a joke that will make them go crazy for a moment if the challenge works properly. Before knowing how to do this challenge, you must know about the condition required to do this challenge.

In order to do this challenge, the person you’re going to do the challenge with must be really close to reaching big followers on their TikTok. Like, it can be 10k, 100k, 1 million, or any numbers exactly in thousands or millions.

Then when they are just 1 follower away from reaching that number you follow them and unfollow them again and again. And they will think they have hit the milestone but after you unfollow they will realize they haven’t actually. If the challenge works and they are looking at their live follower’s count, they will definitely go crazy. 


I wanted to see if I could twist her mind 😂 ##greenscreenvideo ##viral ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fyp ##trend ##trending @bewgietunga

♬ she got mind screwed by me.. and it worked – sexypoopgirl

What Is This Twist Her Mind Challenge New Challenge All About?

As mentioned earlier, this “Twist Her Mind Challenge” a bit strange than others. Although it’s about playing with your friend’s minds, it’s actually not that much interesting, unlike other TikTok challenges. Other challenges are quite interesting visually, due to dance, music, or pranks. But this one is just seeing the fluctuation in the number of followers but it does have dramatic music. Even though it’s not that interesting, many TikTokers have tried it and have also succeeded.


Does Twist Her Mind Challenge Work Every Time?

There is no 100 percent chance that this “Twist Her Mind Challenge” will work. Actually, there is more chance of getting failed and making a fool out of yourselves rather than succeeding in this challenge.

Firstly, you will fail this challenge if the person who you’re trying to twist the mind is not watching the like followers count. Their mind will not be twisted and you’ll be doing just follow and unfollow.

Secondly, what if while you’re doing the challenge and suddenly someone follows them. They will reach the milestone and your challenge will get wasted. So, this challenge is more likely to fail.

Twist Her Mind Challenge Required Right Sound

Like many other challenges, “Twist Her Mind Challenge” will also look good if you use the correct sound. It will be more satisfying for viewers to watch in its right sound because it’s a bit dramatic and gives you the vibes.

So, if you’ve decided to do this challenge and want to get the correct sound,

  • Go to “Discover” of TikTok and type “Twist her mind” into the search bar.
  • Select any video with #twistthemind.
  • You will see “she got mind screwed by me…. and it worked” below the username of that video.
  • Select that music and make your video or you can also add it to your favorite list.


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