What Is Tiktok Fly Trap? Rescue Outdoor Fly Trap DIY

What Is Tiktok Fly Trap? Rescue Outdoor Fly Trap DIY

What Is Tiktok Fly Trap? Rescue Outdoor Fly Trap DIY

What is Tiktok Fly Trap? It is an outdoor rescue DIY Fly Trap that catches the flies for you. 

Once again, Tiktok had made our lives easier for us. The new Fly Trap is literally a life saviour that prevents us from a lot of trouble. 

In fact, everyone is trying the Fly Trap DIY in their home and it works like a miracle!

What Is Tiktok Fly Trap?

Tiktok Fly Trap is a viral trend that shows an easy way of catching houseflies.

The summer season has finally arrived at our doors. Everybody wants to enjoy the clear sky along with food to cool down their bodies. From watermelons to popsicles, everything is tastier in the summer.

On the other than, insects like flies and other bugs also become a trouble in the season. They not only infest our food but also carry deadly diseases. Above all, it is really difficult to get rid of them!

Though there are many products to keep the house fly-free, Tiktokers has come up with some of the easiest and cheapest solutions. Likewise, they have named it the DIY Fly Trap. 

The Rescue Outdoor Fly Trap DIY

The Rescue Outdoor fly trap DIY was first made popular by Tiktoker @southernescape aka DIY Queen.

She posted the video of her DIY fly trap on June 11, 2021. Shortly after, the Tiktok went viral like crazy! In fact, it has over 14.5 million views on the Tiktok to date.

Another popular Tiktok Fly Trap is the “Reusable Fly Trap” that you can buy online. It traps a lot of flies – by lot, we mean heaps!


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A user named @ashley.mcdonald even reviewed the product on her Tiktok. Within a few hours, it caught files to fill a quarter of the jar.  

Seems like, trapping flies has his own Tiktok genre. The hashtag #flytrap has been watched by over 250 million people on the platform. 

Tiktok Fly Trap Step-By-Step Guide Explained  

The Tiktok Fly Trap is easy to make and we have explained the step-by-step guide.

  1. First, you need a spare cup or bowl in your house 
  2. Add 2-3 spoons of sugar to the cup
  3. Pour water up to the half level of the cup
  4. Next, add a little bit of dish soap and apple cider vinegar
  5. Mix all the ingredients until no chunks appear in the mixture
  6. Finally, let it out in the garden 

You can also cover the top with plastic. However, open Trap works better than the closed ones.


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If you are too lazy or want even better results, you can also buy the Reusable Fly Trap. It costs less than one dollar and is easily available on sites like Home Depot. 

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