What Is TikTok Teeth Whitening Filter On TikTok? Is Hydrogen Peroxide Dangerous?

What Is TikTok Teeth Whitening Filter On TikTok? Is Hydrogen Peroxide Dangerous?

What Is TikTok Teeth Whitening Filter On TikTok? Is Hydrogen Peroxide Dangerous?

TikTok Teeth Whitening is another dangerous but viral trend of 2020. While the year will be remembered for its sheer awfulness due to the virus, there are also other events like the time people used bleach as a treatment against COVID, similarly, they were also whitening their teeth at home using bleach or the teeth whitening filter.

The trend started around March-April and went viral. The method is especially popular among TikTok users who saw the process on the social media platform. 

Dentists might not recommend the version that actually uses poisonous bleach but a lot of people did it, in fact, it became one of the earliest lockdown trends of 2020. 

What Is TikTok Teeth Whitening Filter On TikTok?

TikTok is providing a new filter for its users that lets them create videos and photos with whitened teeth. Apart from this, there was also a wave of videos where creators used to apply actual bleach to their teeth in order to whiten them. 

The filter, on the other hand, is a safer alternative and requires no additional supplies other than TikTok itself. In early April, masses of social media followers around the world were applying Hydrogen Peroxide to their teeth in order to get it white. 

Many sources all over the world reported that using such a technique was incredibly dangerous, this coincided with the time that POTUS Donald Trump wrongly announced that using bleach would be a protection against the virus.


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At first, the trend was like an easy life hack that regularly pops up on the internet and a lot of people followed it blindly to get sparkly pearly white teeth. 

According to the Sun, there was a warning issued by authorities because the video had gathered such popularity that it amassed 12 million views almost instantly. After the video went viral, the bottle of bleach used sold out online. 

In a professional scenario, whitening is done with trays that seal the bleaching agent in the teeth and prevent it from leeching on to the gums

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Dangerous?

Hydrogen Peroxide and other bleaching agents of the sort tend to be dangerous and toxic. The chemical can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly.

Starting out at the teeth area it can damage gums, and can also lead to gum recession. The outer protective layer of enamel can also be eroded if the chemical is used. The original video that was posted by Claud has gathered almost 17 million views and 2.3 million likes. 


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The chemical with a 3% concentration of the substance is readily available at a cheap rate and as the wind is popular among young people mishandling it can cause a lot of problems in the teeth and mouth. 

Swallowing bleach of any kind is one of the most toxic things a person can ingest. A doctor spoke to the sun and said that the chemical can even cause tooth loss. Adding to this, if in contact with the chemical it has shown to cause cancer in a wide range of tissues. 

How To Get The Teeth Brightening Filter

Simply follow these steps to get your teeth digitally whitened. Go to the search bar on TikTok and type ‘Teeth Whitening Filter’.

After clicking on a video that uses the filter, add it to your favorites. Next, move on to the camera section and open it. In the Effects, section find the filter inside favorites and click on and apply it. 

The filter might not get the best results as sometimes the teeth can appear fake but it is a fun filter to use. 

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