What is TikTok Toothbrush Challenge? How To Do #toothbrush Trend?

What is TikTok Toothbrush Challenge? How To Do #toothbrush Trend?

What is TikTok Toothbrush Challenge? How To Do #toothbrush Trend?

TikTok Toothbrush challenge is a challenge on TikTok that went really viral back in 2018 and few people are still making these videos. It’s not as famous right now as it was 2 years ago but this challenge is notable and one of the most famous challenges. There are 86 million views on videos with the hashtag “#toothbrush” on TikTok.

Anyone can do this challenge and if you see TikTok, you will definitely see people of all kinds make this challenge. There are few videos where couples or siblings are giving a shot at doing this challenge. Some people ace the challenge and do exactly what they need to do but some people are just being goofy and making a funny video.

What Is The TikTok Toothbrush Challenge?

TikTok Toothbrush challenge is one of the many challenges that wet viral on TikToka while back. Participants of this challenge take a toothbrush and hold it in their finger. Then, a song comes on the background and you have to spin the toothbrush as much as you can. This is literally the whole challenge.

TikTok video creator named @kevwithin uploaded a video where he aced the challenge perfectly. 


Wenn ihr es auch könnt, postet euer Video unter ##toothbrushchallenge ich schau vorbei! ##foryou

♬ Genius (ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth) – LSD


You have to try it😂😂❤️ ##toothbrushchallenge

♬ Rap God – Eminem

As you can see, you have to rest the fibrous part of the toothbrush on your index finger. Any finger can be used to rest the toothbrush but using the index finger will be the easiest option. You can use an appropriate song that goes with the visuals.

How To Do #Toothbrush Trend?

If you want to make a toothbrush challenge video of yourself, let me help you with that. The challenge is pretty simple and easy to learn but if you need help, these steps below are the ones you need to follow:

  1. Get yourself a toothbrush and it has to be a simple one- not an electronic toothbrush.
  2. Rest the fibrous part of the toothbrush on your index finger. At this point, you will see a toothbrush will be stuck on your finger.
  3. Start rotating the toothbrush n a circular motion. When you rotate the toothbrush, you will have to rotate it towards the direction where the shaft the toothbrush is rested.

Can you do this? Yes, I know the song..🤩 ##foryoupage ##foryou ##rapgod ##toothbrushchallenge

♬ Rap God – Eminem

As you can see in this video, this woman has rested her toothbrush in a way the toothbrush shaft rests towards right side. When she rotates the toothbrush, she rotates in the left to the right direction. If you don’t rotate the toothbrush in the direction you have rested your shaft, the toothbrush will just fall off.

Just place your camera perfectly and film the video using the TikTok app. Adda nice song so that when the toothbrush rotates, it seems kind of epic rather than just a small trivial thing. Most of the people are using Eminem’s Rap God song for this and that’s a very smart choice.

TikTok Toothbrush Memes

There are lots of TikTok videos where people have crushed the Toothbrush challenge. But also on the other note, there are people who haven’t been able to ace the challenge. As we all know people failing is one of the staples of funny videos, this is also fun to experience.


easy ##toothbrushchallenge

♬ Rap God – Eminem

This is the kind of video I am talking about. A TikTok video creator had tried to do this challenge but he failed. Just a second in and he has already lost his toothbrush. He still rotates the finger and this is supposed to be funny. 

Some people might find this funny ad some may not. I personally don’t think this s the best funny trend TikTok has to offer. But it’s not that bad as well.

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