What Is Vegeta Cult Pfp On TikTok? Green Jacket Meaning

What Is Vegeta Cult Pfp On TikTok? Green Jacket Meaning  Explained

What Is Vegeta Cult Pfp On TikTok? Green Jacket Meaning  Explained

Vegeta Cult Pfp trend has flooded Tiktok with profile pictures in a green jacket. Find out its meaning and steps to make one.

A lot of trends take over the internet especially social media frequently. Tiktok has had several similar viral trends.

What Is Vegeta Cult Pfp On TikTok?

Vegeta Cult Pfp is taking over the Chinese social media platform. The trend seems exciting and confusing at the same time.

As a matter of fact, Vegeta refers to an imaginary anime character. It appears in the Dragon Ball franchise, which includes all of the books, movies, and shows related to it.

Akira Toriyama first created the character in 1984. It is more popular among the community which loves anime series.

To point out, Vegeta is a prince of Saiyans, an alien race. He is one of the exemplary characters in the franchise who becomes a hero, starting as an antagonist.

On the other hand, a cult means a group of people that share admiration and beliefs for a particular thing. Overall, Vegeta Cult eventually means the community of people who adore Vegeta.



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Vegeta Cult trend dates back to June 2021. A Tiktok user named @____vegetatard commenced the trend and has been followed by others ever since.

Vegeta Cult PFP means to change one’s profile picture, aka pfp. But you need to adhere to certain requirements to select a picture.

Green Jacket Meaning Revealed

A green jacket signifies a requirement to join Vegeta Cult Pfp. People following the trend upload an anime character wearing the outfit.

Actually, the character Vegeta is known for wearing its iconic green ‘SAB’ jacket. Thus the particular color of the outfit was chosen in the trend.

On the other hand, you do not need to have a picture of Vegeta to go by the drift. Any anime character of your choice will do.

Similarly, there are many pictures of characters on the internet who wear similar jackets. Thus the selection of one never becomes a tedious task to do.

How To Make a Vegeta Cult Pfp? Step By Step Guide Explained

To Make a Vegeta Cult pfp, all you need is to pick your favorite anime character. Then you chose one of its pictures wearing a green jacket.

After that, make that picture your profile photo on social media. Now, you are a part of the Vegeta Cult.

Then, flood your social media posting about the cult. You should aim to encourage many of your peers to join.

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