What Is Waacking TikTok Mean? #waacking Dance Explained

What Is Waacking TikTok Mean? #waacking Dance Explained

What Is Waacking TikTok Mean? #waacking Dance Explained

What Does Waacking TikTok Mean? Waacking, TikTok’s latest trend has blown up and is suddenly all over the internet, as viral things go, this is an unexpected change that has sent the internet wild. 

Fans all over the world that use TikTok are now raving about the new social media event. It is based on a dance movement that originated in the 1970s but has since become a booming dance routine among social media users. 

As one of the riveting movements of the LGBTQ community in the 70s, it has since been adopted by TikTokers all over the world and gone viral, what is all the hype surrounding the new mania. 

What Does Waacking TikTok Mean?

Waacking is a new dance phenomenon on TikTok. It recently went viral on the internet but the dance itself has been around for more than 50 years. 


앞으로 노래추천을 받아서 간단하게 안무+프리스타일을 해드리려해요😍💖 노래 추천해주세용! 춤 몸매 지적은 정중하게 사양합니다❌ ##마티 ##mati ##waacking ##춤

♬ 2002 – Anne Marie

It involves the dancer dancing with the full expression mostly characterized by rotating arms and at times violent movements of the body. As per the origin of the dance, it is supposed to imitate the movements of the character in 1950s silent films and Looney Toons cartoons.

The dance was made popular on the social media platform by Princess Lockerooo. She is behind popularizing the movement online. 

#Waacking Hashtag Is Viral On TikTok

As one of the most popular dance trends all over the world, there have been more than 39.3 million views on the videos posted in #Waacking. While it generated in the USA it has become incredibly popular all over the world. 

While the moment gained resurgence in the early 2000s it had not broked social media until 2020 and it has since become a raging online sensation. 

Like the original challenge, it has also resonated with the LGBTQ community online, as a matter of fact, there was a lot of support for the dance routine in the online gay community. 

Waacking TikTok Trend Or Challenge Explained

While sometimes, these types of dance moves can be a challenge, the waacking phenomenon is a trend. Some people treat it as a challenge. 

The dance moves are simple but it can be a tad bit difficult for some people to perform the dance, many believe it is just another viral dance on TikTok. 

How To Do The Waacking Challenge On TikTok?

The most challenging part of the whole trend is the dance itself. Most people start with the basic moves of the dance. As long as you can violently move your arms in a rotational fashion you should be all right. 

First of all, move your hands directly to the side of your body and throw them straight up and back down again. Do the same with the other arm. 

If you want to mix things up, rotate your arms and your torso while “not being held back“. According to most experts on the sequence, the most important at of it all is to fully express yourself. 

There is also an overhead version of the dance as shown in the video below. 


thora whacking vi sikho fam😊😘##trending ##song ##dancetutorial ##waacking ##punjabisong ##bengalibahu ##bengalimuser ##fyp ##foryoupage ##tiktokindia

♬ original sound – tseriesofficial

Lastly, just put a track over the song and hashtag it with the name of the dance. 

The Origin Of Waacking

Waacking was a dance pattern that originated in the gay clubs in the 1970s. It was an expression of colored men (Black, Latino, and Asian) to express their homosexuality in the clubs as they never could on the outside world. 


##Unique ##waacking ❤️😍##kabhiaarkabhipaar ##foyoupage ##skill4skil ##dancchallenge ##ashutoshyadav11

♬ original sound – Komal Gugnani

Then due to the HIV epidemic, the movement was killed and the original waackers, then known as “punks“, were either killed by homophobic people or died of the virus. There are no surviving members of the original punks. 

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