What Is Yellow Teeth Filter TikTok? Everything On Color Selector Filter

What Is Yellow Teeth Filter TikTok? Everything On Color Selector Filter

What Is Yellow Teeth Filter TikTok? Everything On Color Selector Filter

The Yellow Teeth filter is a new and funny trend that’s been getting viral on Tiktok.

The popularity of Yellow Teeth Filter on TikTok is nothing surprising as Tiktok seems to amuse itself with new trends every another hour. This filter is really fun as using this filter, one can determine how white or yellow your teeth really is. 

It is achieved by Colour Selector filter- one of the few ways people are making their eyes green or giving it some rare kind of shade. People are using this filter because of this trend- The yellow Teeth Filter trend. You get to make fun f someone if their teeth are yellow and making fun of our friends seems to always please us.

What Is Yellow Teeth Filter In Tiktok?

When I am saying Yellow Teeth filter in TikTok, I am not saying that somebody made a filter just to detect the whiteness of the teeth. A filter was already available on TikTok called “Color Selection Filter”. Using this filter, one can add shade to a TikTok video.

What this filter does is that. it changes the video to black and white but highlights the color that you select and keep it intact. You can choose any color present in the video to be highlighted.

People who are making these kinds of videos are choosing to make “yellow” as visible color and keeping the rest of the video black and white. When you do this, if you have yellow teeth, it will be highlighted and shown. If you don’t, it will just appear plain old “black and white”.


i brush my teeth guys i promise 😔 ##fyp ##foryou

♬ How to tell if you have YELLOW teeth – annaacmeier

A TikTok user posted this video in which she was really surprised how yellow her teeth were. It’s pretty normal for teeth to have a yellowish hue even if you brush it. Only when you use a whitening agent, it will be perfectly white.

Everything On Color Selection Filter Explained

Color Selector filter is the filter that enables people to film a Yellow Teeth trend on Tikttok. It can be used to highlight a color and make your video have a certain kind of aesthetic. Ther are 1 billion views on videos with a hashtag “#colorselector”. That just says how popular this filter really is. 

You can choose to highlight other colors on your video and people are doing that as well. Some video creators are making a video and highlighting the color red to make their make up videos more popping. However, the one color selected most by the TikTok user has been yellow and that’s because of the Yellow Teeth trend.


Stop playing bro 😭 ##fyp ##xyzbca ##tiktokdentist

♬ Side to Captain Hook – sound.remixes

When the result is this funny, I can see why this trend is blowing up and has become such a huge thing on TikTok.

How To Get Yellow Teeth Filter On Tiktok? Step By Step Guide

This filter is very fun and I think I should give it a try as well. If you want to get Yellow Teeth filter on TikTok, follow these steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone and head to the search bar.
  2. Type “Colour Selector” in the bar and see the results.
  3. You will see a bunch of videos that were made by using this filter and you must find videos of people showing their yellow teeth.
  4. In the video, “Color Selector” will be present on the left side of the screen. This means they are using that filter.
  5. Select the filter and then you can film your video using that filter.
  6. However, now that you have chosen to film your video with the Colour Selector filter, you must choose the color yellow.
  7. on the bar that appears after using the Color Selector filter, choose the color yellow.
  8. Film a video and just show the world how yellow your teeth are or just show how white they are.

Just brush and floss people there’s no secret ##yellow ##tiktokdentist ##whiteteeth

♬ Side to Captain Hook – sound.remixes


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