What Time Is TikTok Getting Banned In The United States?

What Time Is TikTok Getting Banned In The United States?

What Time Is TikTok Getting Banned In The United States?

What time is Tiktok going to be banned in the USA?  After months of deliberation and suspense, this has come to a rather depressing halt because in the USA, under Trump, TikTok is no more.

Many people might be thinking this question of what time will TikTok be banned in the USA. Donald Trump had been threatening to ban TikTok from the USA. The exact time of the app being banned is from Sunday. That’s what official sources have mentioned.

Along with TikTok, Wechat users are another group left disappointed by this big executive decision made by the Trump administration. Trump has said that he did that to protect the national security and economy of the USA. How does an app threaten national security? Let me explain how.

We are all a little bit of @Faixx52 when she mentioned the sadness of an app and lots of videos going away forever. But, it is what it is. Trump did not want it and he had it removed.

What Time Is TikTok Going To Be Banned?

According to details that came out of Washington, Sunday- September 20 was the first day of the TikTok ban in the USA. Wilbur Ross an American politician and Secretary of Commerce of USA aid that it was a significant action to contain American’s personal data being collected and misused by China.

Part of that information is true as TikTok collects your data. However, I don’t think that could undermine the national security of the whole USA. After all Google, Microsoft are some of the  American companies that collect data from the users. They have never posed a problem for national security.

I have to say the timing of this executive order is very strategic as the election is near and the pandemic has really brought the US economy down to its knees

I think ByteDance- a Chinese company being the owner of TikTok is what President hates. Trump has gone in a big anti-China spree after the coronavirus pandemic. This new move is a part of the same Anti China executive orders he is giving.

Why Did Trump Ban TikTok?

Trump had it strongly against Tiktok when teenagers from TikTok tanked the Tusla really trump was going to be holding but did not attend the event. Trump was quite unhappy at his rally being very disappointing because of the small crowd.

After that, he had threatened to ban the TikTok but nobody actually had thought he was being serious. After that Bill Gates came in and bought the American department of TikTok for $5 billion dollars.

At that time, people really thought TikTok was banned and TikTok creators came to the app talking their final words and farewell speeches as well. What I am trying to say is that people were sure TikTok was getting banned.

But nothing happened at that time. Bill Gates took over and it looked as if things were going smoothly. Trump suddenly made a move of banning TikTok and it has a lot of implications politically in foreign policy and also domestic affairs in the USA.

It’s interesting that the existing users can still use TikTok. It does look like Trump is doing this for his election.

Can TikTok Be Back?

Well, if Trump can sign a paper and ban the app, couldn’t someone just release the ban? Yes, absolutely they can. If the USA elects a new president in November, the new president might undo this order easily.

 However, Trump has also said that he could let the app come back and said that he actually liked the app but couldn’t undermine the national security of the USA.

ByteDance- TikTok’s parent company had a plan to make the board members American and even list the company publicly in the USA. But Trump stands clear that in no way can China benefit from American citizens’ data.

People have many theories about this. Some even are holding Facebook responsible.

We will have to see where this story goes but for now, starting Sunday, September 20, Tiktok will be removed from the App Stores in the USA.

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