When is Drista Birthday? Age, Face Reveal, Real Name And Net Worth

When is Drista Birthday? Everything To Know About Her

When is Drista Birthday? Everything To Know About Her

Drista is not such a known personality which is why people tend to be confused regarding her age.

Drista might be recognized as a web star, but she is more popular for being Dream‘s sister. Talking about her brother, Dream is a Twitch star and YouTuber well-known for his Minecraft content.

Drista Age Revealed: When Is Her Birthday?

Drista’s current age is revealed to be just 14 years old.

However, we have failed to obtain the necessary details about her birthday. Thus, we have no idea if she has already celebrated her birthday this year or will celebrate her 15th birthday in 2021. Already a popular personality, she should be thankful for her brother.

Everything About Her Face Reveal

As of now, Drista face has not been revealed. 

However, we can expect her face to be revealed one day soon. Ignoring her, even Dream himself has not revealed his face himself. The man is already on Wikipedia but has still not decided to reveal his face. Everyone is eager to watch his as well as his sister’s face.

What Is Her Real Name?

In one of Dream‘s Twitch streams, he revealed that Drista’s real name is Bella.

Speaking about her surname, it’s not hard to find that out. As we know, Dream‘s real name is Danny Gonzalez. Since they are siblings, we can confirm that Drista’s actual name is Bella Gonzalez.

Talking more about her family, she has two other siblings – one sister and one brother. According to Famous Birthdays, they used to pet a cat.

Her Net Worth Explored

Drista doesn’t earn yet, which is why there is nothing to note about her net worth.

However, her brother is a popular guy with amazing earnings and a net worth of thousands. Furthermore, we can’t find Drista on Twitter or any other social media accounts. Thus, to contact her, we need to go through her brother, Dream.

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