Where Does She Live Now?

Where is Bernie Madoff Wife Ruth Madoff Now? Family Update

Where is Bernie Madoff Wife Ruth Madoff Now? Family Update

Ruth Madoff is the wife of Bernie Madoff. Get to know her house net worth and grandchildren.

One of the most infamous financial fraudsters, Bernie Madoff has passed away in prison. Best known as Ponzi king, he was the mastermind of probably the greatest investment fraud scheme in the United States.

Just like her husband, Ruth was not legally found to be involved in Bernie’s business and was not charged. However, her assets were frozen following her husband’s arrest in 2008. The two of them even tried to commit suicide after they were exposed.

Ruth Madoff House & Net Worth

Ruth Madoff currently has a net worth of around $2 million.

Madoff house is worth millions today.

In fact, the value was over 200 million dollars as of 2008. But as soon as her husband was found guilty of fraud, the federal government took away all of their assets.

Even after her husband’s imprisonment, Ruth had around $70 million worth of assets which were later frozen making her net worth around $2 million at the moment.

Ruth Madoff Grandchildren: Get to know her family

Ruth Madoff has six grandchildren as of now.

After having tied the knot with Bernard Madoff in 1959, the couple gave birth to two children, Mark and Andrew Madoff. However, both of her children are no more with us.

Andrew passed away due to leukemia whereas Mark committed suicide exactly two years after his father’s arrest. Their children are alive and well, however.

Where is Ruth Madoff now?

After the Ponzi incident, Ruth Madoff did keep her distance from Bernie.

However, she never filed for a divorce. She did her best to keep herself out of the limelight and never appeared together with her husband in public.

Bernard Madoff, who was serving his sentence in federal prison has met his demise at the age of 82. He was the mastermind who orchestrated one of the greatest investments fraud in history.

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