Where Is Amber Bray Now? Wikipedia Age And Boyfriend

Amber Bray Update 2021: Where Is She Now?

Amber Bray Update 2021: Where Is She Now?

Where is Amber Bray now? The murderer has not landed on Wikipedia. But here are details you can know about her family and crime.

Amber is a convicted murderer. She is responsible for killing her own mother, Dixie Lee Hollier, in January 1996.

The case is considered to be one of the most brutal crimes in the following year. Here are some details we know about her.

Where Is Amber Bray Now?

Amber Bray is behind bars as of now.

Along with her boyfriend, Bray was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole on June 30, 1998.

In February of the same year, she was convicted for killing her mother, Dixie Lee Hollier, to claim the insurance money.

Moreover, she is charged with conspiracy to murder for shooting, stabbing, and beating to death.

In addition to her crime, she was also ordered to pay a total of $10,000 in fines and restitution.

Amber Bray Wikipedia

Amber Bray does not have a Wikipedia bio.

However, her name is mention in the Murderopedia. She was a former Burbank high school teacher and cheerleader.

Amber was born to parents Tom Bray and Dixie Lee Hollier. But they were already divorced, just a few years before the murder.

Reports say that Dixie Lee Hollier was a wealthy Warner Bros Record Executive.

Eventually, it was found that Amber Bray also tried to kill her sister Amy Bray.

Amber Age: How Old Is She?

Amber Bray’s age is 44 years old as of May 2021.

We calculated her present age because she was 20 years old in 1996 when she was convicted of the murder.

However, we do not know about her birthday details.

Who is Her Boyfriend?

Amber Bray was dating her boyfriend, Jeffery Glenn Ayers.

He was 23 years old when he committed this vicious crime alongside his girlfriend.

Bray and Ayers had planned the murder several weeks in love letters.

In which they decided how to spend the insurance money worth $310,000.

Both had planned to buy a house, car, and furniture in Riverside County.

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