Where Is Art Alexander Now?

Christina Karlsen Case Update: Where Is Her Father Art Alexander Today?

Christina Karlsen Case Update: Where Is Her Father Art Alexander Today?

Christina Karlsen father Art Alexander is now relieved after his daughter got justice. Know Karlsen children and family.

Alexander is a businessman. He is now trying to move on after his daughter’s murder by her husband.

Who is Christina Karlsen Father Art Alexander?

Christina Karlsen’s father Art Alexander always wanted her happiness.

Alexander and his wife had their daughter in Altus, Oklahoma. But Christina moved to Murphys after marrying Karl Karlsen. In fact, Art is the owner of the company Art Sheet Metal.

Interestingly, Christina’s husband Karl got a 10 percent partnership in the business after their marriage. On the other hand, Alexander had also found a job for his son-in-law. No doubt, he had done everything he could for the prosperity of her daughter.

Similarly, Art had also provided Karl with health and liability insurance. But the same insurance policy resulted in the death of his daughter.

Alexander is not on Wikipedia as of now. Also, Karlsen’s case has not been mentioned on a Wikipedia page.

Where Is Art Alexander Now?

Art Alexander is now relieved after Christina got the justice she deserved.

Alexander had testified at the court proceedings of Karl in 2020. There he gave a summary of what happened to her daughter. Besides, Art also showed the jury the statement of his payments to Karlsen. 

Karl had pleaded guilty to the murder of his son in 2013. He was charged with second-degree murder and insurance fraud.

In fact, Christina had died in a mysterious fire that burnt down her house. She was locked in the bathroom as no help came to her. Karl received a life insurance payout worth $200 thousand.

Furthermore, a similar case happened with their son Levi in 2008. He died in what appeared to be an accident which earned Karl an insurance payout of $700 thousand.

Christina Karlsen Children

Christina Karlsen had three children with Karl.

Notably, Karlsen’s children had survived in the house fire which had killed her. They moved to New York after that. The kids always suspected their father Karl as there was something fishy with their mother’s death.

But they were in no position to do anything about it.

Karl was dragged into court only after his second wife, Cindy Best, gathered evidence against him.

Is Karl Karlsen In jail?

Karl Karlsen is in jail, serving his time.

He was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to his son’s death in 2013. Karlsen is now in Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York.

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