Where is Beneil Dariush From? Country Flag And Nationality 2019

Where is Beneil Dariush From? Nationality And Ethnicity Details

Where is Beneil Dariush From? Nationality And Ethnicity Details

UFC fighter Beneil Dariush was not allowed to walk out with his country flag. He was actually representing a state that had not been recognized as a country. 

Find out where the MMA fighter is from.

Beneil Khobier Dariush is an Iran-born Assyrian/American professional MMA fighter of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  

He is of the lightweight division and currently ranks No 9 in that UFC division. 

The athlete made his UFC debut on January 15, 2014, against Jason High and has an astonishing record of 20-4-1 win-loss-draw so far. 

Beneil Dariush Country Flag: Nationality

Beneil Dariush is originally from Iran but had moved to America when he was 9, hence, holds an Iranian-American nationality and is of Assyrian ethnicity

To show respect to his Assyrian roots he had a mixed Assyrian-American flag but was not allowed to walk out to the fight with it. 

Beneil Dariush was upset that his country flag was not allowed due to the new UFC policy which only allows flags of the countries that have been recognized. 

However, the staff had reassured him that they would review and inform him if his flag would be allowed the next time.

Beneil Dariush Parents and Wife

Talking about his family background, the names of Beneil Khobier Dariush’s parents are Edward Dariush and Doris Khobier

They had migrated to the United States when the fighter was just 9 years old. 

The athlete also has a sister, Beraeil Dariush

Likewise, Beneil is also already married to Victoria. His wife is always with him during his matches.

Beneil Dariush Wikipedia

Beneil Dariush has already been documented on Wikipedia. 

The MMA fighter’s wiki has personal details regarding his age, height, early life, and career on the site. 

Meet Beneil Dariush on Instagram

The athlete is active on Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram @beneildaruish has over 76.3k subscribers and has already been verified. 

Beneil is a family guy and has his wife as his profile picture on the account. 

Likewise, his Twitter is also verified with 17k followers so far. 


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