Where is Bill Bakula Now?

Bill Bakula Net Worth 2020: Where is Bill Bakula Now?

Bill Bakula Net Worth 2020: Where is Bill Bakula Now?

Are you wondering what is Bill Bakula’s net worth in 2020? Bill Bakula the famous marketer and entrepreneur has achieved so much success in the business and entertainment platforms during his professional life of more than 38 years. So how rich is Bill Bakula after all these years?

Who is Bill Bakula?

Bill Bakula, also known as Guillermo, is a Puerto Rican Entertainment visionary of the marketing world. He is named as “The Visionary”, “Mi Socio” and “The Minister of Propaganda” by his friends and peers.

He started his career as a Communication Engineer at NBC channel from 1982 to 1989. He started promoting various types of programs and events in the channel and the formats ranged from news, cultural programs, sports, educational to commercials, and political campaigns.

Later on, he started working at Bart enterprise International Ltd. in 1992 and is active until the present time.

According to the public records of Mr. Bill Bakula, he has worked with more than 21 companies over the span of 18 year period.

His business and entertainment industry has faced various challenges during the rapid development in technology and out of the 21 companies, only 8 of them are active till now while the remaining are inactive. These active businesses have survived and thrived in the test of time.

Bill Bakula Net Worth: How Rich is Bill Bakula In 2020

Bill Bakula owns several properties including six houses in Miami Florida, two in Aventura, Florida, and one in Beverly Hills California. He might have a lot of properties whose details and information is not public. So it is hard to estimate the exact net worth of Bill Bakula.

Bill Bakula once used to work for Mr. Mercado and made him rich by using his marketing strategies and the net worth of Mr. Mercado was about $10 million USD at the time of his death. It was estimated that he had even more money before Mr. Bakula had sued him for approximately $10 million dollars. This indicates that Mr. Bill Bakula has a net worth which is at least higher than $10 million dollars.

One thing for certain is that he is definitely a high profile, rich and legendary entrepreneur and he is still going on with his ideas and it seems that nothing can stop his ambition, not even his age.

Bill Bakula now: Where is he today? 

Bill is the legend of the business and entertainment industry. He must be in his late fifties now but he is still active in several public services, sports events, political campaigns, and live events. He has done lots of contributions to the entertainment industry during his over 38 years of profession.

Bill Bakula lives in Miami, Florida, and sometimes in Beverly Hills, California according to his work distribution. 

He is multilingual and knows Portuguese and Spanish along with English so he has been able to make his work global and also to other groups of individuals. This is the reason why he is so successful and keeps up with the latest cutting edge technological world of business and entertainment industry.

Mr. Bill Bakula was an ex-Manager of Walter Mercado?

Bill Bakula is referred to as a Minister of Propaganda for a reason. In the past, he found out about an astrologer, Walter Mercado, and set up a fortune reading appointment with him.  He then convinced Mr. Mercado to get his own program and thus Bakula became his manager.

Bakula was able to acquire a large fan base for the astrologer Walter not just in Latin America but also across the US and in Europe.

In less than a year, Bakula built a huge empire for Mr. Mercado in the astrological entertainment program by grasping the attention of the international community with TV and radio shows. This was another huge achievement producing millions of dollars for a long time.

The story about Walter Mercado and Bill Bakula is also shown a popular documentary film under the name “Mucho Mucho Amor” which can be streamed in Netflix.

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