Where Is Brian Kilmeade Today

Where Is Brian Kilmeade Today? What Happened To Fox News Host?

Where Is Brian Kilmeade Today? What Happened To Fox News Host?

Where is Brian Kilmeade today? Well, a few months back, he had disappeared from the Fox News without any information. However, he has since returned to the television. Learn more. 

Brian Kilmeade is a famous radio and television presenter. Basically, he works as a political commentator for Fox News. 

He is well known for his co-hosted Fox television’s show Fox and Friends. Also, he is popular for his own program, The Brian Kilmeade Show, which airs on Fox News Radio. 

Besides his radio and television profession, Brian is a talented writer. He has written many fictions as well as non-fiction as a solo writer and co-writer. 

His fictional book, Sam Houston & the Alamo Avengers, is getting praises and much loved by the readers. It even was a best seller. 

Where Is Brian Kilmeade Today – What Happened To Him?

Brian Kilmeade was off-screen for some months. He had disappeared from the Fox and Friends show a few months back. 

He has been working for Fox News since 2006. He is a well-celebrated TV presenter. Many of his fans were shocked by his absence from the show on January 18, 2021. He gets into controversies frequently, and as reported, his relationship is not the best with the other hosts of Fox and Friends nowadays.

However, there was not a valid reason given for his disappearance. Recently, however, he came back to Fox News Television and also Fox News Radio. 

He was seen stealing the show Five Turns Ten. Also, he is continuously presenting the The Kilmeade Show on Fox News as well. 

Is Brian Kilmeade Sick? 

No, there is no information about him being sick or diagnosing with any illness. 

His sudden absence in the channels had resulted in people assuming him getting sick. However, he has already returned to his shows and hosts them as usual.

The reason for his absence from the show is not mentioned by any media right now. It might be because he was on a vacation or took some time off due to family reasons. 

Talking about his possibility of illness, he is seen fit and fine as usual. Also, he has not shared any posts or news regarding his health deficiency. 

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