Where Is Clay Starbuck Now? Everything On Children Wikipedia And Murder Verdict

Where Is Clay Starbuck Now? Everything On Wikipedia And Murder Verdict

Where Is Clay Starbuck Now? Everything On Wikipedia And Murder Verdict

Where Is Clay Starbuck Now? Currently, he is serving a life sentence of imprisonment for murdering his ex-wife, Chanin Starbuck. with no chance of possible parole in the future. The dreadful incident took place in December 2011. 

DNA evidence recovered from the crime scene shows a small match for Clay, the couple’s eldest son, and an unknown male. But unfortunately for Clay didn’t have an alibi for the heinous murder crime that happened in 2011. There are many people, as well as his Starbuck family, that feel he has wrongfully charged for the crimes that he has allegedly committed.

Where Is Clay Starbuck Now?

As per sources, Caly Starbuck is in custody at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla. Due to which he was convicted for aggravated first-degree murder. Hence he must serve a whole life sentence under regulations formed by the state law.

The judges looking after the murder in June 2015 unanimously upheld Clay Starbuck’s murder conviction trial and life sentence for murdering his ex-wife, Chanin. Clay claimed that his ex-wife had affairs. Hence, Starbuck appealed his conviction to the court and hoped the court allowed his defense to introduce evidence that his ex-wife had several partners who might be the main suspects. However, Judge Kevin Korsmo rejected  Clay’s argument.

What Were Clay Starbuck’s Ex-wife Channin Starbuck’s Murder Trial And His Murder verdict?

Chanin Starbuck was the mother of five children, Chanin Starbuck, who was brutally murdered in her residence in Deer Park, which is approximately 20 miles from Spokane, Washington, in 2011.

Her killer was suspected to be her ex-husband, Clay Starbuck, who became furious when he could not handle the maintenance payments for their five children. Chanin Starbuck was 42 at the time of her death. There was some evidence that shows had Chanin had been plagued with a prolonged period of suffering.

Her ex-husband Clay reported to the police officers that she had been dating numerous men through online dating and had relationships with multiple men and assumed that one of her partners could be the perpetrator. However, Clay Starbuck was convicted and taken into custody for a murder trial for Channin in 2013.

To support and release him, an Instagram account, convicted.by.criminals and a Facebook page titled, Starbuck Family – Free Clay is made to give him justice.

Clay Starbuck’s Wikipedia and Children; His Relationships Explored

Although Clay Starbuck does not have an official Wikipedia made in his name. However, regarding the age, we assume that Clay is in his early 50s. Starbuck’s parent’s name and their backgrounds remain a mystery.

Moving on towards his family, Clay and her ex-wife, Chanin, have been married and divorced twice in their lifetime. The ex duo first married in 1990 before divorcing in March 2000. However, they remarried in 2006 and filed for divorce in the summer of 2010. In which Chanin got the sole custody of their three young children. Their other two kids were longer deemed as minors.

There was also a restraining order made against Clay. Despite this, he loves his children and regularly drove the kids to their school. He also owned almost $10,000 and exchanged very hostile messages to his ex-wife before being killed.

In June 2013, Clay Starbuck was found guilty of a first-degree murder verdict, which resulted in him getting a sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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