Where Is Clay Starbuck Now? Everything On His Wikipedia, Wife And Family

Where Is Clay Starbuck Now? Everything On His Wikipedia, Wife And Family

Where Is Clay Starbuck Now? Everything On His Wikipedia, Wife And Family

Where is Clay Starbuck now? If you know about the dreadful murder that was convicted in Deer Park, Washington in 2011, then the name Clay Starbucks isn’t new to you. But if you are wondering about the incident then you have come to the right place. Stick with this article to know everything about Clay.

Clay Starbuck, now probably in his late 50s is the man who is imprisoned for murdering his wife Chanin. The whole United States was disturbed when the news came into a headline in December 2011. 

DNA evidence retrieved from the crime scene showed a slight match for Clay, the eldest son of the couple, and an unknown man. However, after a brief investigation, Clay was arrested by the police and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree burglary.

Where Is Clay Starbuck now?

Well, according to different news portals Clay Starbuck is still in prison in Washington for the Chanin Denice case.

Clay claims that his wife was involved in multiple relationships. He also claims that he is being convicted falsely because the murder must be one of his wife’s partners. So, in 2015 Starbuck appealed his conviction to the court and hoped that the court might authorize his defense to offer proof that his ex-wife had numerous partners who could be the primary perpetrators. Judge Kevin Korsmo, however, dismissed Clay’s point. 

Clay’s Wife And Family

Speaking of his wife, Clay Starbuck and his wife Chanin Denice were always in an on and off kind of relationship.

The couple married twice. They first got married in 1990 and got divorced after 10 years i.e in 2000. They re-married in 2006 and again filed for divorce in 2010. After they got divorced they often used to argue on legal matters like money. However, after a year from their second divorce Chanin was found dead in her rented house with 11 of her ribs being broken. Clay was the only suspect for the police so now he has been living the rest of his life in prison.

The couple has 5 children among which 2 of them are adults. The children seem to love their father very much. They are often seen supporting him. They claim him innocent and even criticized the investigators.

Is He On Wikipedia?

No, Clay Starbuck is not on Wikipedia.

Speaking about his background, the man used to earn $10,000 from working in oil pipelines for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company in Alaska. Any other details regarding Clay’s early life and background are not known.

He is known among the public after the Chanin Denice case. His age was 47 years old when he was convicted of murdering his ex-wife. 




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