Where Is Convicted Indiana Surgeon Today?

Mark Weinberger Wikipedia Wife: Everything To Know About The Surgeon

Mark Weinberger Wikipedia Wife: Everything To Know About The Surgeon

is Mark Weinberger on Wikipedia? His bio is yet to be written. But where is he today? Let’s learn about it.

Mark is a Convicted Indiana Surgeon. He vanished after being accused of healthcare fraud.

Mark Weinberger Wikipedia: Who is he?

Mark Weinberger’s Wikipedia bio is not available as of now.

Weinberger was running a clinic in Merriville before he disappeared. He earned his medical qualifications from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In fact, he had attended the Unversity of Pennsylvania and the School of Medicine at UCLA.

Mark was born in 1963. His parents were Fred, his father, and Fanny, his mother. He went to Scarsdale High School in his hometown. He graduated from a highly reputed school.

Weinberger was a surgeon who specialized in sinuses. Several lawsuits were filed against him by 2004. Most of them blamed him for healthcare fraud and medical malpractice.

Mark was on a vacation in Greece in September 2004. He disappeared from there leaving his wife. Besides, he had over $6 million in debts to pay. In 2009, he was found outside a small Italian resort. Also, he pleaded guilty to 22 health care and insurance frauds in 2011.

Mark Weinberger Wife

Mark Weinberger’s wife Michelle Kramer was on a trip to Greece as he vanished.

Michelle returned from the island to start a new life. She returned to the US and filed for bankruptcy. She was left behind with debt claims that worth around $6 million. Also, she was able to continue her medical studies at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Mark and his wife Michelle married when she was 27 years old. The two were enjoying a lavish life back in 2004. In fact, Mark had a private jet and brought hundreds of thousands of money home every week.

Michelle has completed her Ph.D. In fact, she has never seen or spoken to Mark since he vanished. 

Mark reportedly had a new wife in Illinois. Also, an Italian girlfriend of Mark told his whereabouts to officials.

Mark Weinberger Dateline: Where Is Convicted Indiana Surgeon Today?

Mark Weinberger was recently featured in Dateline, an NBC TV show.

Dateline featured his story as “The Runaway Doctor”. As revealed in the show, Mark is living in Florida as of now. Besides, the Chicago Tribune reports he is promoting a yoga lifestyle managing YogaDoctor LLC in Florida.

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