Where Is Dan Evans From?

Where Is Dan Evans From? His Partner And Tattoo Details

Where Is Dan Evans From? His Partner And Tattoo Details

Dan Evans has got tattoos of Jesus and a quote imprinted on his arms. Lets know his partner and the fact where he is from.

Dan is a professional tennis player. He is currently competing in the men’s singles at Queen’s Club Championship.

Dan Evans Tattoos

Dan Evans tattoo is of Jesus on his outer arm.

In addition, Evans has tattooed a quote from the Irish Poet on his left arm. Actually, the quote says, “Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.”

People say the quote tattooed on his arm references his failed drug test back in 2017. In fact, Evans tested positive for cocaine that saw him receive a ban for a year.

However, Dan claimed to have used it unknowingly. Evans said the cocaine mixed with the permitted drug as he had put both in the same pockets. He claimed that led to a positive drug test during a competition.

Besides, his peers have reportedly said Dan not being a highly religious person. But he has got a Jesus tattoo on his arm.

Dan Evans Partner

Dan Evans partner is Aleah.

Evans reportedly met his partner during Wimbledon Tennis Championships. The two have been dating each other for a few years now.

As a matter of fact, Dan’s girlfriend is seen frequently cheering for him during his tennis matches. No doubt, she would be a point of attraction among the crowd. 

Evan’s girlfriend used to work in Winchcombe back in 2017. The two reportedly reside together in Cheltenham.

The tennis player has not revealed much about his partner. The two enjoy their dating life somewhat away from the public eyes.

Where Is Dan Evans From? His Wiki

Dan Evans is from Birmingham, England originally.

He was born and raised there. To point out, he reached 31 years of age on May 23 this year.

Actually, Dan started his professional career in 2006. He has reached his career’s highest rank of No. 25 in June 2021. Interestingly, he tops all the British fellas in the rankings.

Also, Evans has a single title as of now.

Dan’s Net Worth

Dan’s net worth is expected to be somewhere above a million dollars.

However, the exact figure of his net worth is unknown. Besides, he has made $3.7 million as prize money until now.

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