Where is Frank Parlato Now? Wikipedia, Age, Wife,The Vow

Where is Frank Parlato Now? Everything On The Vow Actor and Reporter

Where is Frank Parlato Now? Everything On The Vow Actor and Reporter

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist who was instrumental in taking down the infamous NXIVM s*x ring. He was one of the reporters that did not back down even when he faced death threats and legal actions.

Parlato is a journalistic hero but he is a polarizing figure that has been hailed as a key part of bringing down the sisterhood and cult within the company. He has also had his troubles with the law as he is a businessman accused of tax fraud and cheating the IRS. 

Name Frank Parlato
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Investigative Journalist; businessman
Twitter @frank_report

10 Facts About Frank Parlato

  1. Frank Parlato’s Wikipedia page does not exist but you can read all about him in this article. 
  2. There is no information about his age or birthday in the media but according to many online sources, his age is 57 in 2020. 
  3. In a similar fashion, he has revealed very little about his family life or wife.
  4. It is also unclear if he is married or single. He likes to keep the details of his family life under wraps given the nature of his job. 
  5. Other than being a reporter, he is also a businessman who has been accused of tax fraud by the IRS, the full details of his case and ruling are yet to be released to the public. 
  6. He also appeared in the HBO docu-series, ‘The Vow‘ in which his role as a reporter in taking down the cult and the DOS s*x ring within the NXIVM company has been shown.
  7. The company marketed itself as a “Multi-level marketing and personal development” company but was a front for various illegal activities including sex trafficking, brainwashing, and forcing people to do labor. 
  8. Many of the disgraced company’s high-ranking executives have been indicted and jailed.
  9. Likewise, Some have also been released on bond and are awaiting sentencing.  
  10. Frank was one of the journalists responsible for stopping the cult. 

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