Where Is Gardner Museum Heist Thief? Obituary

Everything To Know About Boston Art Thief Myles Connor Following Netflix Doc

Everything To Know About Boston Art Thief Myles Connor Following Netflix Doc

Many are interested in where America’s biggest art thief Myles Connor is today, and the obituary with his name found on the internet.

Myles Connor was once a musician who became a notorious art thief. He is a synonymous name in the investigation of the thief of the ‘Isabelle Stewart Garden Museum.’ 

Now a photograph of Myles Connor can be seen in the Netflix Documentary “This is a Robbery,” sparking the curiosity of many. 

Quick Facts:

Name Myles Connor
Nationality American
Profession Musician and Art thief

Where is Myles Connor Today? His Obituary

Myles Connor is a free man as of today, living peacefully. 

He has also authored the book “The Art of Heist” with Jenny Siler. The book is an intriguing autobiography and stories of his heists.

Myles Connor is not dead; he is still alive and well; hence, no obituary with his name on the internet is actually for him. 

Myles Connor in Netflix Documentary

Myles Connor can be seen in the Netflix Documentary “This is a robbery.”

The documentary revolves around the biggest art heist of America which occurred on March 18, 1990, on St. Patrick’s day.

On that day, two men dressed up as police officers walked into the Isabella Stewart Garden Museum and stated ‘This is a robbery’, hence the title.

13 artworks valued at around $500 million were stolen and have still not been retrieved to date. The museum with empty frames prized $10 million dollars reward for the information of the stolen work. 

Now Myles came into the picture as he was the biggest art thief of the time, but he was in prison during the theft. While many people still suspect his involvement, he has denied the deed saying he would have stolen ‘Titan’s Rape of Europa’ if he had done it. 

However, he did say that his plan was executed and can also bring the stolen art back.

Myles Connor Family and Wife

Not much is known about Myles Connor’s family. He grew up in Milton, Massachusetts, and his father was a respected policeman while nothing is known about his mother.

Furthermore, his brother was a Weymouth priest, expert herpetologist, and member of Mensa.

Myles Connor’s wife is also unknown. We, for the fact, don’t even know if he is married.

However, it was revealed on this site that he was looking for a widow. 

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