Where Is Gerald Stanley Now? Wife And Verdict On Farm Shooter

Gerald Stanley Now: Colten Boushie Shooter Verdict And Case Update 2021

Gerald Stanley Now: Colten Boushie Shooter Verdict And Case Update 2021

Where is Gerald Stanley, the shooter of Colten Boushie, now? Get to know his current status.

In 2016, the murder of an indigenous man, Colten Boushie, shook the world. Colten was shot dead by his own owner, Gerald Stanley. However, the final verdict of the court was very different from what people had expected. 

Where Is Gerald Stanley Now? 

Gerland Stanley is currently living a free life.

On August 9, 2016, the police arrested Gerlad Stanely for the murder of Colten Boushie. Colten and his four friends had been drinking that day. Eventually, they drove into Gerald’s farm, where Stanley shot Boushie for trespassing.

Gerald stood in a trail for nearly 2 years. His lawyer relied on the fact that Stanely’s shooting was unintentional and the aftermath of “hang fire.” Consequently, Gerland Stanely didn’t get any sentence and was released in August 2018.

Get to Know Gerald’s Wife 

Gerald Stanley’s wife is Leesa. 

Gerald and Leesa owned a farm in Saskatchewan. On the day of Boushie’s murder, Leesa was working on a nearby lawn. Therefore, Stanley was also afraid that Colten’s car was going to run over her. 

The couple has a son named Sheldon together. Likewise, Sheldon is also a key witness in Colten Boushie’s case. In fact, he broke the windshield of Colten’s car with a hammer on the day of the murder.  

Verdict On The Farm Shooter Case 

Gerald Stanley verdict was in his favor in spite of the farm shooter case.

Gerald Stanely was released without a sentence or an arrest. On the other hand, the jury received a massive backlash for their biased verdict. Following the case, the Canadian government enacted the elimination of peremptory challenges from the jury. 

Today, Gerald Stanley is the age of 59 years old. Likewise, even the Wiki page has featured Gerland Stanley’s infamous case. In 2020, APTN even released a 98 min documentary capturing the events that took place on Saskatchewan farm.

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