Where Is Gucci Wife Today?

Maurizio Gucci Ex-Wife Update 2021: Where is Patrizia Reggiani Now?

Maurizio Gucci Ex-Wife Update 2021: Where is Patrizia Reggiani Now?

After the news of the movie ‘House of Gucci’ was disclosed, many have been interested in the real Patrizia Reggiani and her Wikipedia. Stay with us, to learn more about the, then known as, ‘Gucci Wife’!

Patrizia Reggiani is the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci: former Gucci heir. She became well-known after she murdered her ex-husband via a hitman in 1995.

Quick Facts:

Name Patrizia Reggiani
Birthday December 2, 1948
Age 72 years old
Gender Female
Nationality Italian
Profession Jewelry Consultant (Former)
Children Alessandra Gucci and Allegra Gucci
Divorce Maurizio Gucci

Patrizia Reggiani Wikipedia: Where is she today?

Patrizia Reggiani’s Wikipedia has already been documented, which is not a surprise given her popularity. Information about her age which is 72 years and her birthdate: December 2nd, 1948, is available on the page with much more.

After her release, Patrizia Reggiani now leads an affluent life in Milan with her pet ferret, Bambi. 

Patrizia Reggiani Family and Children

Patrizia Reggiani was the bride of the Gucci family, hence her previous nickname ‘the Gucci Wife‘. She married Maurizio Gucci in the year 1972 and later got divorced in 1985 after the said man left her for a younger woman.

Filled with resentment and anger with the cheating and Maurizo losing the family business, she had hired a hitman and successfully killed him in 1995. She was later sentenced to 29 years in prison reduced to 26 after appeal.

Patrizia Reggiani had 2 children with Maurizio Gucci. Both her daughters Alessandra Gucci and Allegra Gucci supported her during the court hearing and had appealed for her. 

Nicknamed ‘Black Widow‘ after the murder, Patrizia was released after just 18 years in prison in October 2016.

Patrizia Reggiani about House of Gucci Story

There has been a buzz lately in the calm life of Patrizia Reggiani after the news of the movie ‘House of Gucci’ was released. The said movie is a biographical crime film based on her life story starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver as the leads.

The ‘Black Widow’ was offended by Lady Gaga who was portraying her in the movie; saying that she never visited her. She claims that it is not about money but about respect and common sense.

What is Patrizia Reggiani Net Worth?

Patrizia Reggiani’s net worth has not been calculated yet but we are sure that she is leading a luxurious life. 

According to various sources, we came to know that her divorce settlement endows her with $1 million yearly. 

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