Where Is Hallie Jackson Going? New Job After leaving MSNBC

Where Is Hallie Jackson Going? New Job After leaving MSNBC

Where Is Hallie Jackson Going? New Job After leaving MSNBC

Hallie Jackson is not going to look for a new job leaving MSNBC. She is not retiring too. Check her health update.

Hallie is an anchor and TV personality. She serves as a Senior Washington correspondent for NBC News.

Where Is Hallie Jackson Going?

Hallie Jackson is going nowhere.

Jackson has not revealed if she is heading anywhere else away from her present profession. Besides, there is no official indication about her intentions to part ways from MSNBC.

There have been rumors on social media that the 37-year-old will be seeking a new adventure in her career. But nothing seems to be true about such speculations.

Jackson is no doubt passionate about her job. In fact, she quickly had a busy schedule after returning from maternity leave in August 2020.

On the other hand, Hallie is not retiring as it will be too early for her to retire now. And, she won’t be quitting her beloved profession as a journalist which she began in 2006 with WBOC TV.

What Is Hallie Jackson New Job After Leaving MSNBC?

Hallie Jackson is not seeking a new job after leaving MSNBC.

In fact, Jackson is not leaving MSNBC at all. 

It is actually Hallie’s MSNBC colleague Kasie Hunt who will be heading out of the network soon. She is a Capitol Hill correspondent and the host of Way Too Early.

Jackson had made a tweet wishing her the best in her new adventure. This may have led people to suspect Hallie is also quitting MSNBC.

Not to mention, Hallie had joined MSNBC in 2016 with the 1 pm edition of MSNBC Live. She had been working for NBC News for two years at the time.

In the meantime, Jackson got the new role as the chief White House correspondent for NBC in 2017. She anchors MSNBC’s 10 am hour as well.

Hallie Jackson Health and Illness – Is She Sick?

As per Hallie Jackson’s health update, she has no illness.

Jackson is not sick in contrast to the ongoing rumors.

She has got a fit and healthy body. Jackson had body measurements of 36-25-36 inches with feet size of 8 US.

Also, the journalist has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Who is Hallie’s Husband?

Hallie had a husband named Doug Hitchner.

The two had married in 2011. But they separated soon.

Besides, Jackson is now in a relationship with her partner Frank Thorp. They welcomed their daughter in March 2020.

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