Where Is He Going After Leaving Npr, New Job

David Greene NPR Wife: Where Is He Going After Leaving Npr, New Job

David Greene NPR Wife: Where Is He Going After Leaving Npr, New Job

David Greene is a popular journalist who has been married to his wife Rose Previte since the year 2007. His wife, Rose is from a food-loving family and is currently recognized as a natural host.

Talking about David, he had been previously working as a radio host at National Public Radio (NPR) but now, he has announced his retirement. 

David Greene Wife: Who Is He Married To? 

Like we mentioned earlier, David Greene has been married to Rose Previte. When he was posted to Russia, Rose joined him and the couple traveled nearly 30 countries together which helped his wife to learn a lot about various communities. 

After traveling for so longs, Rose decided to open her own restaurant in Washington, D.C. She named her restaurant Compass Rose and now, the whole Greene family resides there as per David’s biography on his Wikipedia page.

Why Is He Leaving NPR?

In October 2019, David Greene announced that he would be retiring from NPR, and on December 29, 2020, he co-hosted the Morning Edition show for the last time. Well, he didn’t really speak in detail about why he wanted to leave the show but he clearly intended to move on to a different project other than journalism.

He had joined the show nearly 15 years back and has admitted that the decision to leave NPR has been very difficult. Whatever the reason is, David Greene had quite a staggering salary at NPR and his net worth is also in millions. 

Where Is David Greene Going Now?

After leaving NPR, he has different plans but has never spoken to anyone about it. It’s probably because David Greene is seeking a new challenge for which he will have to find a new job.

There are speculations that suggest that he might be heading on his way to write a new book. His last book Midnight in Siberia: A Train Journey into the Heart of Russia was published back in 2014.

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