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Is Pedophile Football Coach Barry Bennell Alive? Update 2021

Is Pedophile Football Coach Barry Bennell Alive? Update 2021

Meet Barry Bennell, also known as “the devil incarnate,” Wikipedia explored. The documentary series, Football’s Darkest Secret is unveiling the dark secrets of Barry Bennell.

Barry Bennell, the pedophile, was an employee of the Crewe Alexandra Football Club and a former Chelsea youth player. Barry coached young men who played in Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Cheshire, and Staffordshire team. 

The story of Barry Bennell’s abuse and assaults are all revealed in the unrelenting documentary, Football’s Darkest Secret. It is a three-part series by BBC, and the first episode aired on March 22, 2021. 

Is Barry Bennell On Wikipedia?

Barry Bennell is not on Wikipedia.

The details about Bennell’s case are present on the United Kingdom football sexual abuse scandal’s Wikipedia page. One can read about Barry Bennell’s bio in recent news articles. Barry was known to be the best youth coach in England, who scouted several future stars.

Barry Bennell violated the trust of the parents and abused several young children in Britain and the USA between the 1970s to the early 1990s.

Bennell’s Wife And Married Life

The details of Barry Bennell’s wife and married life are private.

In February 2018, a North Yorkshire delivery driver disclosed that his wife left him for Barry Bennell. During a family holiday, the family met Barry Bennell in Gran Canaria in 2007. The couple was married for nine years, and they were together for twenty when Barry and his wife met.

The man’s wife left him for Barry and took both the children, a daughter, and a son, with them, reports Daily Mail.

Where Is He Now?

Barry Bennell is still alive and serving his sentence.

Bennell was first arrested and jailed in 1994 for raping a British boy. Barry was again prisoned for nine years in 1998. More than 800 people accused Bennell of sexual abuse, and he got convicted for 23 specimen charges of sexual offenses.

Barry Bennell’s sentence is 34-years in jail. Barry will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars and die there.

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