Where Is His Wife Jean Mosley Now?

What Happened to Max Mosley? March 2008 Event Detailed

What Happened to Max Mosley? March 2008 Event Detailed

Max Mosley and his infamous scandal video are still fresh among the people. What actually happened during the spring of 2008?

Popular British race car driver, Max Mosley, has recently died. He was the former president of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. Yet, his video scandal of 2008 is one of his most remembered life events. 

Max Mosley Scandal Video: His Drama Explained 

Max Mosley was involved in a scandal video related to his private life.

In 2008, News of the World released a video related to Max’s sexual life. The video captured the F1 racer in a sadistic sexual act with several female prostitutes. Likewise, the video was allegedly taken by one of the prostitutes. 

On March 30, 2008,  the paper also published Max Mosely’s article with the title “F1 Boss Has Sick Nazi Org* with Five Hookers”. The article heavily described Mosley’s act as “Nazi-themed”.

This was followed by years of  News of the World and Max Mosely drama. As a fact, Max sued the paper for breaching his privacy. He claimed that the actions portrayed in the videos were an invasion of privacy. 

Details on His Lawsuit Verdict

Mosley ultimately won the lawsuit against News of The World. Similarly, the court provided him with compensation of £60,000 pounds. Furthermore, his lawyers also asked the paper to remove the video and articles.

In addition, Max Mosley also attempted to remove his pictures from the internet. He filed a lawsuit against Google in France. In 2007, he won the legal case and prevented the search engine from displaying his picture. 

Where Is His Wife Jean Mosley Now?

Max Mosley wife Jean Mosley still lived with him till now. 

Jean and Max tied the marriage knot in 1960. Likewise, they gave birth to 2 sons: Alexander and Patrick. Despite her husband’s scandal, Jean supported the racer until his last breath.

On May 24, 2021, Max passed away from cancer. It is estimated that Max Mosley has left a net worth of $13 million USD to his family. However, Jean has not spoken to the media about her spouse’s demise yet. 

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