Where Is Jeffrey Rackover Now? Net Worth Wife And Wikipedia

Jeffrey Rackover Net Worth: Where Is He Now? Update 2021

Jeffrey Rackover Net Worth: Where Is He Now? Update 2021

Where is Jeffrey Rackover Now? He is a celebrity jeweler with a massive net worth. 

Best known for being a celebrity jeweler, Jeffrey Rackover came into the infamous spotlight when his adopted son was arrested for murder in 2016. The Rackover murder saga is one of the most brutal murders and cover-ups in the history of New York. 

It involved the death of a 24-year-old, Joey Comunale. 

Where is Jeffrey Rackover now?

Jeffrey Rackover’s current whereabouts remain unidentified. 

Prior to the brutal event in 2016, Jeffrey was one of the most popular jewelers in the country. From choosing celebrity jewels to helping the former president Donald Trump to choose the ring for Melanie, Rackover loved the spotlight. 

However, everything changed when his adopted son was involved in a murder in a Sutton Place apartment. Ever since his son’s arrest, Jeffrey has kept a low profile and has not appeared much after that. 

Jeffrey Rackover Net Worth

Jeffrey does have a net worth of multi-million dollars.

After all, he was one of the best celebrity jewelers at a time. 

Jeffrey Rackover is not married and doesn’t have a wife at the moment. 

As per the reports, Jimmy was the only family he had. Even though there was not a legal adoption, Jeffrey described his son as a long-lost biological child, which of course, was not true. However, it did play in the interest of both of them, and hence, they preferred to keep it that way. 

Jeffrey Rackover Wikipedia: Everything on Rackover Murder Saga

Jeffrey Rackover doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio. 

Speaking of Rackover Murder Saga, Joey Comulae was murdered in a party hosted by Jeffrey’s adopted son, Jimmy Rackover. He was stabbed 15 times in the chest. 

While his murder was done with such brutality, the aftermath was also a show of horror. The body was dismembered, wrapped in a plastic bag, and was thrown down for floors on a sidewalk. 

Afterward, the body was set on fire and buried in a shallow grave. 

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