Where Is Jeremy Spielbauer Wife Today?

Where Is Katie Phipps Today? Everything On Jeremy Spielbauer Wife

Where Is Katie Phipps Today? Everything On Jeremy Spielbauer Wife

Where is Katie Phipps now? Get to know her whereabouts today after Dateline aired The Pink Gun Mystery episode.

Katie Phipps was a convicted murderer of Robin Spielbauer. However, her charges were dropped and later Jeremy Spielbauer was arrested.

The murder story profiles the death of Robin Spielbauer who was killed in 2014. The story is highlighted on NBC’s ‘Dateline: The Pink Gun Mystery.

Although the authorities charged Phipps for Jeremy came out to be the prime suspect. Let’s find out more about Katie for now.

Where Is Katie Phipps Today?

Katie Phipps is free of conviction and is happily living her life now.

In January 2018, Katie was blamed for the alleged murder of Robin Spielbauer.

During that time forensic reports confirmed that Katie’s pink gun was the murder weapon. Innocent Katie Phipps had to spend 466 days in county jail.

But upon detailed investigations, her conviction was overturned and Jeremy Spielbauer was found guilty.

Moreover, Katie also fought for Justice on the behalf of Robin and her family. As of now, she is happily living at her home in Amarillo, Texas with her family members.

The Pink Gun Mystery and Katie Phipps are yet to make it to Wikipedia. 

Katie Phipps Age

Katie Phipps’ age is 35 years old as of May 2021.

However, we do not know about her birthday and astrological details.

More On Katie Phipps Whereabouts And Family

Katie Phipps is a woman from Amarillo, Texas.

Her childhood was full of mesh. She was born fatherless and raised by an addicted mother. Phipps and Spielbauers were members of the same church. They became quick friends.

However, Jeremey despite being a married man began an affair with Katie Phipps. They the tied knot in the year 2013.

Katie Phipps is also a mother to two children whom she gave birth while she was still in her teens.

As of now, she is serving as the Director of Strategy at Ignite U1. She has a degree in Legal Studies and is eyeing a career in criminal defense.

On June 1, 2021, Ignite International proudly announced Katie Phipps as the 2021 Winner of the Year.


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