Where is Martin Bryant Sister Now?

Where is Martin Bryant Sister Lindy Bryant Now? Update 2021

Where is Martin Bryant Sister Lindy Bryant Now? Update 2021

Lindy Bryant is the sister of Martin Bryant. Martin killed 35 people in Port Arthur in Tasmania. Curious to learn more about him? Stay with us for a moment.

Lindy is the sister of the murderer Martin Bryant. She is known as the sister of a killer or murderer. It definitely doesn’t sound good. Does it? 

Very Little is known about her personal life now as he prefers to maintain a low profile. She is trying to live a normal life without controversies and media scrutiny.

As per Daily Mail, Martin Bryant killed two people, his father, Maurice, and Helen Harvey. 

Lindy Bryant Age And Wikipedia Disclosed

Lindy Bryant’s age is around 47/ 48 years in 2021.

Unluckily, her actual date of birth is unavailable at the moment. 

Further, Bryant has no name or biography on Wikipedia. Instead, we can find her biography in this article.

As per the source, Martin is mentally unstable. He tried to hurt four people while he was in prison. In other words, he is ferocious, and his evil behavior is abnormal.

Lindy Pictures Explored

Lindy Bryant’s pictures are available on the internet. 

On April 28, 1996, Martin consistently gunfire in the cafe, park, and gift shop. It only took 15 seconds to kill dozens of people and injured 10. 

Since then, she is completely ignoring the media. In fact, she is changing her way of living.

Additionally, Lindy was born to parents Maurice (father) and Carleen Bryant (mother).

Where is Martin Bryant Sister Lindy Now?

Well, we don’t have any further details about Lindy Bryant’s existence right now.

She might be living happily with her family.

As per Daily Telegraph, Lindy has changed her job, state, and home so that she could leave peacefully.

Nevertheless, her brother is serving 35 years imprisonment at Risdon Prison in Hobart. Perhaps, his mental health treatment is also going on. 

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