Where Is Mary Kay Letourneau Ex husband Now?

Vili Fualaau Wiki: Where Is Mary Kay Letourneau Ex husband Now?

Vili Fualaau Wiki: Where Is Mary Kay Letourneau Ex husband Now?

Mary Kay Letourneau is the most vilified primary school teacher in American History and for all the right reasons. She was found having a sexual relationship with her student Vili Fualaau when Vili was just 13 years old. The case got quite the attention across the nation and got Mary seven and a half years in jail.

This old case has reignited due to the sudden passing of Mary Kay at the age of 58 due to colon cancer. Due to her recent death, most of the media are looking back at the infamous and bizarre news that had captured America circa 1997.

Where Is Mary Kay Letourneau Now?

Mary Kay Letourneau was 58 and was suffering from complications due to bowel cancer in recent days. She breathed her last on July 6, 2020. The news was confirmed by her attorney. More than condolences, people are remembering her for the horrible acts she had done in her life.

Along with posts like this, there are several other posts on Instagram condemning her actions and some making fun of her by adding “Teacher Of The year” caption on her picture.

Where Is Mary Kay Letourneau Ex-Husband Now?

Mary Kay Letourneau was married in 1989 to Steve Letourneau. They had met at Arizona State University and had moved to Alaska. Later on, they moved to Washington where Mary started teaching kids in school.

Her marriage with Steve was troublesome because there were incidents of violence reported. They had 4 children together but the marriage came at a sudden hat when they divorced in 1999. The cause of the divorce was because Mary was convicted as a rapist.

This was the picture when Mary was having a sexual relationship with Vili. After convicted, the judge sentenced her to prison for seven and a half years.

After she served time in prison, she got out of jail and rekindled her passionate relationship with Vili Fualaau. They got married in 2005 and 2 beautiful daughters. But they divorced in 2017. Mary is dead now and Vili is very much alive and is living in Washington.

Vili Fualaau Age

Vili Fualaau is 37 years old as of now and with age, he has gained some wisdom. He had said in an interview that his and Mary Kay’s relationship was flawed from the very beginning. Fualaau gained some perspective but it was far too late.

Vili Fualaau Children

Vili Fualaau became a father at the tender age of 14 and had 2 daughters with Mary kate Letourneau. The daughters are Audrey and Georgia and they are quite happy children.

Although they get lots of attention fro the media, some even negative ones, it wasn’t their fault that they were born out of something promiscuous. 

This interview with Barbara Walters is a really interesting one to watch and I recommend it to you guys as well. You might get to know Vili and the relationship between the daughters intimately. They are sweet kids, both of them.

Vili Fualaau Net Worth 2020

According to a site online, Vili has a net worth of $100000. Vili used to be a Dj until 2018 but he has dreams to become a tattoo artist. He even had worked as a gardener at a time.

Vili’s mother had filed a lawsuit to the school and city council and asked for the amount in millions but it was so confusing that her lawsuit never was successful. So, Vili gained nothing from the relationship with Mary Kay except for two daughters who he loves.

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