Where Is MMA Fighter Mark Now? His Update 2020 2019

Mark Kerr Wife: Where Is MMA Fighter Mark Now? His Update 2020

Mark Kerr Wife: Where Is MMA Fighter Mark Now? His Update 2020

Mark Kerr is an MMA fighter and star of the documentary The Smashing Machine: The Life and Times of Extreme Fighter Mark Kerr

He became one of the most respected fighters in the sport because of his honest and brutal documentary of the life of a fighter is immensely popular all over the world. 

Name Mark Kerr
Birthday December 21, 1968
Age 51
Gender Male
Height 1.85 m
Weight 263 lb (119 kg)
Nationality American
Ethnicity mixed
Profession MMA Fighter
Parents Tom Kerr; Mary Kerr
Siblings 1 brother
Net Worth $400,000
Children 1 son

Kerr is known as “The Smashing Machine” because of his fighting style in the past. A major point of his documentary was his addiction to drugs and performance enhancers along with his recovery from it. The former UFC champion was a pioneer for fighters, read more about him below. 

Mark Kerr Wife

The wrestler had been married to Dawn Staples but there is no information if they are together or not as of 2020. 

The couple dated for a while back in the late 1990s before eventually tying the knot on 11 May 2000. Similarly, he has a son and Kerr has said that he is proud to call himself a father. 

Where Is MMA Fighter Mark Now 2020?

In 2020, he is a retired fighter and has changed his focus to the business. 

As a matter of fact, he is trying to set up his own venture in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  He has not appeared in any on-screen projects since his self-titled short film in 2015. 

The Smashing Machine AKA Mark Kerr Net Worth

After working in the business for a lot of years, Mark Kerr has a net worth of $400,000 in 2020. Most of his assets come from his career as an MMA fighter.

He fought in the UF too for a brief period but was successful even winning the UFC 14 Heavyweight tournament title.

Mark’s Age & Family 

Mark was born on December 21, 1968, to father Tom Kerr and mother Mary Kerr. He was raised in Toledo, Ohio, USA where he and his younger brother grew up idolizing the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) and its stars. 

By the time he reached high school, he was already interested in competing as a professional in wrestling. He started wrestling at Bettendorf High School. 

After moving to Toledo Waite, he started wrestling there and even became a state champion from their team. He graduated from school and went to Syracuse University. He excelled at the college just like he did at his high school and became the champion for Division 1 college wrestling in 1992. 

Career In UFC

Mark wanted to earn money and he found that UFC fighters were really high paid athletes. Then he started training in other disciplines other than wrestling to round off his game.

He entered the UFC in 1997 in a heavyweight contest for the title and came out on top winning the belt. After this, he went back to fight in UFC 15 and stunned fans by knocking out Greg Stott. The tournament would be his last as he then moved to Japan for a more lucrative deal with the Pride Fighting Championships.

His Infamous Documentary

The life of a fighter is never easy and it takes a lot of dedication to be a champion. In addition to this, the adverse effects of being a fighter were not fully known until HBO published the documentary The Smashing Machine. 

HBO’s documentary showed Mark’s life in great detail without editing and censoring much of it. It became so influential that the fighter became a template for many aspiring fighters. 

The film also showed how at the time the UFC was being shut down in many cities and had to operate underground almost going bankrupt at a point. Dawn, his then partner, has also been featured in the documentary. 

Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson is set to play mark in a Hollywood blockbuster based on Kerr’s life. 

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