Where Is Mollie Tibbetts Boyfriend Now?

Where Is Mollie Tibbetts Boyfriend Now? Dalton Jack Update 2021

Where Is Mollie Tibbetts Boyfriend Now? Dalton Jack Update 2021

Dalton Jack is the boyfriend of a murder victim, Mollie Tibbets. Get to know his age and Instagram. Here are a few of his photos as well. 

The murder of Mollie Tibbets became one of the most high-profile cases when then-President Trump tried to politicize it. The 20-year-old was reportedly abducted and killed by a Mexican man with undocumented immigration. 

An after three years, the trial has started. The suspect is Cristhian Bahena. The bother of Dalton Jack, Blake Jack, is the first witness to take the stand. 

Dalton Jack Age: How Old?

Dalton Jack is currently around 23 years of age. 

Born and raised in a small town in Brooklyn, Dalton was a football player in high school. Further facts about his birthday and zodiac sign remain under review. 

Dalton met Mollie when he was a high school senior in 2015. Mollie was a junior then. They started dating and had been together ever since. 

During the time of her disappearance, Tibbets was studying at the University of Iowa. 

Dalton Jack Photos: Meet Him on Instagram

Dalton Jack’s photos alongside Mollie Tibbets have surfaced on the internet. 

But Dalton Jack doesn’t have an Instagram profile that we know of yet. 

However, he played a significant role in finding his girlfriend using social media like Facebook and Twitter extensively. It took over five weeks for the investigators to locate her body. 

Dalton Jack Whereabouts: What Happened to Mollie Tibbets?

Dalton Jack is currently watching the trial of his girlfriend’s murderer closely. 

At some point, he will be asked to take the witness stand as well. 

On July 28, 2018, Mollie disappeared from Dalton’s brother’s home, where she was dog-sitting. When she didn’t appear for her work the next day, her co-workers called him. 

And soon after that, a group of investigators searched her for five weeks until finding the body that was recognized as her. 

The suspect currently under trial is Cristhian Bahena. He is an undocumented Mexican immigrant. 

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