Where Is Pride House Tiktok?

Pride House TikTok Members Age And Instagram: Where Is Pride House Tiktok?

Pride House TikTok Members Age And Instagram: Where Is Pride House Tiktok?

Among the biggest TikTok houses, Pride House is also one that fits into the list. The TikTok house features only LGBTQ+ creators. Here is a complete list of the Pride House members with their ages and Instagram accounts. 

Besides trends and challenges, TikTok is also known for its houses. When TikTok houses like Hype House and Sway LA get a lot of attention, there are a few others who are packed with celebrities. 

And among them, Pride House is one of the unique TikTok houses at the moment. It consists of members who belong to the LGBTQ+ community only. They keep collaborating with the dancer and actress, Jojo Sima, who has recently come out as gay. 

Here is a complete list of the members of Pride House. 


##duet with @drphil @prestonseraph

♬ A Moment Apart – ODESZA – Hannah Stater (she/her)

Pride House TikTok: Members Age And Instagram

As of now, Pride House TikTok consists of four members only. It has been active for a few months now. 

  1. Kent Boyd: He is a 26-year-old actor and dancer from Ohio. You can find him on Instagram as @kent_boyd. 
  2. Mollee Gray: A 29-year-old actress who appeared in Disney’s Teen Beach Movie. She has over 308k followers on Instagram. 
  3. Jeka Jane: A trans man who is the husband of Mollee Gray. Follow him on Instagram @jekajane. 
  4. Garret Clayton: He is a 29-year-old actor from the Teen Beach Movie. He has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. 

Where Is Pride House Located?

The Pride House is located in LA. It is one of the most recent and emerging TikTok houses. 

Founded with four members, the Pride House’s owner is not revealed yet. However, The four founding members are still part of the house. 


I hope this doesn’t hit home for you…. creator: @maurlove ##comingout ##lgbtq ##lgbt ##lesbian ##toystory ##bi ##pan ##trans ##gay ##queer ##nonbinary ##pride

♬ original sound – ♡ katie ♡

Is JoJo Sima A Member Of Pride House?

The superstar sensation JoJo Sima is frequently seen collaborating with the members of Pride House. So one may wonder if she has become a member of the house. 

The answer is no. The actress and Youtuber is not a member of Pride House, but she loves collaborating with them. 

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